BEA 10x10: Pick 10 Books. Write 10 Words!

What are the best, most intriguing, most exciting books coming this fall?


This year the 35,000 experts attending Book Expo America, the largest publishing event in North America, have the opportunity to collectively decide. BEA 10x10 is brought to you by The Perseus Books Group and a crack team of publishing players including Book Expo America, The Daily Beast, Edelweiss, and KiwiTech.

Throughout the trade show there will be real-time reporting by The Daily Beast and on the last day, Thursday, May 27th, be sure to join us in Booth 4225 at 3PM when we announce the 10 hot books of the fall by 10 categories.

For the first time, all the experts at BEA have a chance to be heard, both collectively, and individually, in 10 word bites.

So what upcoming books excite YOU? Pick 10 Books. Write 10 Words!