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Mobile is radically changing the dynamics of media and advertising. With billions of people now tapped into mobile devices, computers, and TVs, today’s consumers are dividing their time between multiple screens and myriad media options. The short attention span of today is incongruent with the linear media of the past, and traditional media outlets are giving way to new, digitally-diverse and convergent platforms. From consumer curated content to viral videos, photos and information – the way we discover and share content is changing. This cultural shift is also revolutionizing the advertising industry. Consumer habits are evolving in today’s hyper-distracted environment, and short screen time has traditional advertising narratives transforming to split-second storytelling approaches. From new marketing practices such as geo-targeted overlays, rich media ads, and “shop the show”, advertisers are sharing screen time and capturing attention in mere seconds. Consumers are also increasingly demanding personalized, highly-interactive experiences, causing a major shift from traditional mass media, to individualized one-to-one marketing. New advertising technologies are making heightened customization possible, with cutting-edge methods of digital research and measurement, to allow everything from location, to preference, device, and context-targeted ads. This individualized relationship with customers has massive potential, already boosting sales and brand awareness in a profound way.

Solutions for the Media & Advertising Industry
  • Highly personalized platforms
  • Ability to connect with media worldwide
  • Social network synchronisation
  • Consumer-driven content apps
  • Second-screen experiences
  • Real-time interaction with live events
  • Brand awareness and loyalty programs
  • Building communities of brand ambassadors
  • Development of brand personality
  • Marketing and branding strategy
  • Heightened brand exposure across multiple platforms
Content Creators
  • A wide range of content
  • Targeted content development strategies
  • Support rich media
  • Consumer content creation tools
Advertising Firms
  • Scalable advertising platforms
  • Enhanced audience engagement
  • Advertising across mobile apps and sites
  • Advanced audience targeting
  • Geographic, device type, and OS data
  • Creative advertising opportunities
  • Optimal click data and metrics
Media Agencies
  • Cross-industry collaboration
  • Enhanced viewership
  • Monetization opportunities for publishers
  • Creative content distribution platforms
  • Blend of optimal content and technology
  • Help innovate new media
Media & Advertising Infographic - KiwiTech
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The new marketplace of mobile media and advertising holds incredible promise for future-thinking companies. However, capturing audiences in the mobile age requires a concerted and synergistic approach, combining in-depth digital analytics, multi-platform mastery, convergent media expertise, and eye-catching, original content.

KiwiTech understands the fine art of achieving coveted user clicks. Our multispecialty team combines marketing, content, technology and analytics expertise, to produce inspired content that generates measurable engagement. KiwiTech has launched highly successful media and advertising applications, such as:

  • Live Sports Play-Along Apps
  • 2013 Ice Hockey World Championship Interactive Platform
  • Tier One Branding Applications
  • Brand awareness and loyalty platforms

To achieve successful, next-generation media and advertising mobile platforms, KiwiTech leverages solutions to:

 Next-generation media and advertising mobile platforms - KiwiTech
  • Provide full-scale mobile development for media and advertising, from consumer analytics, to branding, audience targeting, conceptualisation, content management, interface architecting, testing, and support
  • Foster business Startups with A-Z development, through a full suite of resources, data, and support to grow businesses
  • Reinvent established business models to reach next-generation, audience scalable, omni-channel capability
  • Develop across multiple devices (iOS, Android, tablet), and platforms
  • Produce eye-catching, out-of-the-ordinary, extraordinary visual presentation, mixed with technical excellence, and perfect timing.
  • Craft exceptional mobile designs, together with seamless UI and UX, to ensure a superior customer experience
  • Support state-of-the art content, such as rich media elements, video streaming, and interactive ads
  • Integrate monetization opportunities for publishers
  • Create new and innovative formats for advertisers, leveraging powerful tools such as: Social Media Convergence, Consumer Brand Advocacy, and Real-Time Advertising
  • Leverage expert guidance from trend watchers in consumer viewing habits, together with powerful analytics on consumer base demands and expectations
  • Boost personalisation and engagement with customers, using in-depth analytics and precise customization of the user experience to location, device, and preferences
  • Harness insights and control to manage mobile ad campaigns, such as tracking and measuring clicks, time spent on page, and cost-to-click (CTC)
  • Drive sustainable growth, through flexible, to-scale solutions, and powerful backend technology