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Social Networking Platform for Pets Klooff 

Klooff is an innovative platform that allows people to capture and share their pet's best moments through photos and video. Whether it's a singing pug or a cat playing a piano, people can submit, caption, and share through the eyes of their pet. Klooff's goal is to deliver happiness through pets and provide the best pet content available online and via social media.  App features include viewing and following pets, a Daily Top 10, a voting system and the ability to make comments and send messages to fellow animal lovers.

On-demand Video Content Creation App Loopster 

Loopster is the world's simplest online video editor, allowing users to cut, splice and add music and other features to videos with a straight-forward, user-friendly interface. Loopster is able to uniquely address new-age needs for customized and on-demand video content creation and management. From kids who use Loopster to create their school project work to enterprises in the hospitality industry that could offer this as a easy-to-use video tool at their theme parks and vacation centers, the possibilities are endless.   You would see a well-defined pattern here to use digital technology as a powerful consumer engagement medium very akin and centric to KiwiTech's digital philosophy for today's enterprises -- introducing disruptive user engagement and the ease of using and deploying mobile technology. 

Community Safety Platform LiveSafe 

LiveSafe is the leading mobile safety app.  It allows the user to share & receive info quickly & easily with the local police and the neighboring community. LiveSafe’s patented application is the trusted tool for crime prevention and personal security. Citizens can have increased peace of mind and a sense of security in their everyday life, anywhere they go, and law enforcement can better engage with the people they’re protecting. 

Flagship Scientific Magazine American Chemical Society 

Chemical & Engineering News is a weekly magazine published by the American Chemical Society. The application was developed for the magazine subscribers to read and buy issues of the magazine. Integration with social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr helps users share content with their friends. 

This app includes a job portal regularly updated by ACS.  The app also allows users to view C&EN YouTube Videos. The C&EN app has ability to integrate with third party partners for in-app ads.

Publishing Database Springer 

SpringerLink is a publication database app containing articles and chapters from over 2,500 peer-reviewed journals and over 50,000 books – in total, over 6 million documents spanning every area of science, technology and medicine. The SpringerLink app puts this entire collection at your fingertips. It gives the user the ability to perform personalized and advanced searches, as well as bookmark and save documents for future access and share document summaries with colleagues.

Book and Miniseries Penguin Group and Starz 

The Pillars of the Earth Amplified Edition for iPad, iPhone and iTouch offers a new reading experience. Ken Follett’s beloved epic story leaps from the page to the screen in a multimedia adventure. 

This amplified edition of Ken Follett’s international bestselling novel “The Pillars of the Earth,” showcases beautiful video, art and music from the Starz Originals 8-part epic television event based on the book, as well as exclusive videos with the author about his research and the process of bringing his books to the screen. There is also an innovative Character Tree. The design, content and 8-part delivery of this app helped make it a finalist at the Barcelona Mobile Awards 2011.

Bibliography University of California Press Foundation 

Samuel L. Clemens, known to generations of readers as Mark Twain, remains America's most famous and beloved writer. This app offers a window onto his life including his memories of childhood, reflections on home life, pronouncements on cats, love, business, human cunning and weakness, and much more. Filled with rarely seen images, this app delivers compelling insights into the life—both the comedy and the tragedy—of Mark Twain.

Medical Journal Elsevier 

The Lancet mobile platform offers rapid access to recently published content from The Lancet and the associated specialty publications. The user can customize the app for quick access to their favorite journal, including full-text access for current subscribers. This is an early, first-generation application that provides subject-based navigation to the reading audience of The Lancet and Elsevier's specialty publications.

Movie Branding Eros International 

Eros app is an entertainment app which gives you access to Bollywood news, photos, videos, music, trailers, and much more on smartphone. Eros became the #1 free app in the Indian iTunes app store within a day of its release. With a variety of content and an attractive, user-friendly layout, this app gives Bollywood fans a brand new way to experience new movies and songs from Eros. It also has some fun features, such as fake movies posters and an interactive quiz, which makes this a truly unique entertainment app from Eros, one of India’s largest global media companies.

Patient Visit Planner American Academy of Pediatrics 

Bright Futures is an application for doctors and parents. This app allows parents  ready access to all the resources to assess their child's growth.  Parents and doctors can use the app to plan a visit for their patients and to share a care plan with the parents.

The parent dashboard can be used to plan doctor visits and set reminders, fill-in pre-visit details, record family history and access to doctors handouts.  The doctor's dashboard can be used to schedule and plan patient visits, record patient queries and pre-visit notes, share the child's care plan, and distribute post-visit reports, handouts and reference materials.

Child Health Tracker American Academy of Pediatrics 

KiwiTech team developed Child Health Tracker for American Academy of Pediatrics which gives parents the power of on-demand access to their child(ren)’s health information, needs, and providers. Through the app, parents can access AAP guidance on recommended vaccinations and milestones they should be expecting.

Infectious Disease Guide American Academy of Pediatrics 

AAP Red Book is the gold standard infectious disease problem solver, now on your mobile device. Users can quickly access critical, current information for diagnosis, treatment, and management of more than 200 infectious diseases, including drug dosing, immunization information and updates. Digital exclusive: Red Book Visual Library images to aid in diagnosis, epidemiology, vectors, and carriers!

Live Sports Play-Along App TV4 

TV4 is a Swedish television network launched in 1990 and offers a mix of news, sports, drama series, soaps, entertainment, current affairs programs, sitcoms, feature films, documentaries and phone-in shows. KiwiTech team was tasked to create the official play-along, TV companion, mobile application for 2013 Ice Hockey World Championship held in Sweden & Finland.

TV4 app allows the user to interact with live TV coverage, view scores, attempt a quiz, score points and win prizes via their Facebook login. It also supports push notification features from the server on games schedule, user scores and quizzes. The KiwiTech team also implemented Google Analytics to track and monitor app analytics on the backend. 

Branding Application B&G Foods 

B&G Foods and its subsidiaries manufacture, sell and distribute a diversified portfolio of high-quality, shelf-stable foods across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. The KiwiTech team developed a mobile application to promote their Tier 1 brands (including Mrs. Dash) in concert with an overall digital strategy being implemented on multiple platforms. This app extends brand awareness and increases brand loyalty. B&G app was designed in an intuitive way of handling and displaying rich and heavy content with optimal memory usage, leading to a stable app with a lot of content.

Scientific Reference Annual Reviews Publications 

The highly interactive eARth app allows users to discover review articles in an exciting new way. The eARth app reveals networks and relatedness not easily seen through a keyword search. With a swipe of your finger, spin the globe to discover relevant articles by region. Article metadata is organized by Land, Marine, and Atmosphere categories. Choose a layer within a category to narrow your focus, or choose several layers at once to see the connectedness between global processes.

Family Travel App MiniTime 

The MiniTime app is designed to make family vacations easier and more fun. This app delivers family travel recommendations based on the ages of your kids, so they’re customized to your family. MiniTime is all about building a community of parents, and making sure that you’ll always be in the know about where to go and what to do when traveling with your kids. MiniTime’s innovative calendar tool allows users to create custom vacation itineraries.

Citizen Services Building America's Future 

The I’m Stuck app developed by KiwiTech for Building America’s Future, allows delayed commuters around the country to directly and immediately email their U.S. Representative or Senator to share their feedback from the road.  This app gives commuters and passengers an avenue to voice their frustrations to Congress to help influence change. This innovative and real-time communications tool is a new method of grassroots advocacy.

Medical Research App Feinstein Medical Research Institute 

PitchMatch is a smartphone-based application to allow researchers to understand variation in musical pitch perception and innate musical ability in the general population. This is part of Dr. Gregersen's decade long research on studying the epidemiology and genetics of absolute pitch (a rare musical ability).

The KiwiTech team has used complex mathematical equations for the triangular tone generation used in the app.  We have also enabled real-time data capture.

Word Puzzle Fingerprint Digital 

The Flying Alphabetinis app is a word game for kids to play with the whole family. The first turn-based multi-player word puzzle game for children, The Flying Alphabetinis brings circus fun to fast-paced word creation. 

Alphabetinis is designed to be played by two players. Each person takes a 2 minute turn. The game board is dynamic, so every round is a whole new experience and the game is leveled to allow for children of all ages and their parents to play and feel a sense of accomplishment, having fun, and making new words.

Government Administration City of El Paso 

The City of El Paso allows users to track, monitor and manage the inventory of items for 30 city departments. The app provides accurate assessment, tracking and management of inventory. KiwiTech team integrated the mobile app with the city's ERP system (PeopleSoft) which allows the user to get real-time item availability and determine accurate positioning of the inventory within departments.