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Content Marketer

  3-5 Years

Job Description

    • Develop content mediums including blog posts, infographics, social media posts, videos, emails, etc. to connect with the target audience.
    • Develop content for the company's content marketing strategies including social media posts, blogs, and lead generation.
    • Planning content marketing strategies and establishing short-term goals.
    • Optimizing written content while respecting SEO and Google Analytics.
    • Analyzing and enhancing web traffic by using metrics.
    • Generating new ideas to magnify customer engagement.
    • Work with our marketing team to ensure that we are able to create the right kind of content for brand authority and to aid the improvement of our ranking.
    • Creating the brand presence digitally via video & graphic content across social media, communication channels & partnerships.
    • Research markets, competitors and industry to write original marketing content to promote our products in a jargon-free manner for various investor and startup audiences.
    • Must understand the best practices across different social channels, and which content and approaches work on each and why.
    • Repurpose and optimize existing content for digital channels.

Minimum Qualification

    • 3+ years of content marketing experience backed by results.
    • Minimum 2+ years of writing and editing experience for marketing collaterals.
    • Strong creative & soft skills combined with an affinity for creativity.
    • Ability to write for an American target audience.
    • B2B//marketing experience would be a big plus.
    • Highly organized and autonomous, but also collaborative and able to work with cross-functional counterparts.
    • Ability to make decisions in a changing environment, anticipate future needs and drive results.

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