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PPC Specialist

  2+ Years

Job Description

    • Plan, create, and manage PPC/paid social campaigns across a variety of channels
    • Keyword research and management to optimize bids (add PPC keywords and negative keywords)
    • Optimize bidding at keyword, placement, device, geographic, demographic, and other levels
    • Perform daily account management of PPC campaigns (review expensive under-performing keywords and ensure PPC campaign does not exceed weekly and monthly ad spend budget, maintain Quality Score, impression share and other important metrics)
    • Write engaging and concise copy to modify CTAs on ads to boost click-through-rates and landing pages to boost conversion rates
    • Monitor, evaluate, and present the performance of campaigns by generating weekly and monthly performance reports to clients analyzing trends, goals, opportunities, and other key performance indicators

Minimum Qualification

    • Graduate/ Postgraduate in Journalism, Mass Communications, Marketing, Computer Science, Information Technology, or any technology related field
    • Experience with Google Analytics, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Facebook Ads
    • Functional experience with all social media channels
    • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint and/or Google Workplace
    • Strong attention to detail
    • Strong interpersonal skills, listening skills, and an articulate presenter
    • Excellent writing proficiency and content creation skills
    • Creative thinking
    • Analytical skills
    • Research and problem solving skills

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