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Join us and our partners from the largest regulation crowdfunding platform in the country, Wefunder, for an exclusive invite-only online workshop on regulation crowdfunding and learn from industry experts about proven marketing strategies, key legal concepts and best practices needed to run a successful crowdfunding campaign for early and growth stage startups.

The session will also feature the crowdfunding journey of a startup founder who recently completed a successful campaign to support their growth needs.

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About us


  • What is Regulation Crowdfunding (History, law changes, where we are today)
  • How the Wefunder Platform works (How investors can be attracted, how to invest, where money is held)
  • Terms (Equity offerings, debt offerings, contracts, and more)
  • How SPV Works (Wefunder's role in SPV, roles and responsibilities, and more)
  • How Crowdfunding can be used to attract Regulation D investors (Lead investor structure, Wefunder marketing pushes, and more)
  • How to get started on Wefunder


Ryan Pierce

Ryan Pierce works on the growth team at Wefunder. He’s passionate about supporting founders with crowdfunding. He’s actively looking to connect with startups and small businesses trying to raise money. He has many interests, but at his core, he cares about creating more access to capital for entrepreneurs and advancing tech ecosystems across the US.

Angela Hood
Founder & CEO

Angela Hood is the Founder/CEO of ThisWay Global, an international, VC-backed HR tech company that was incubated at ideaSpace – University of Cambridge, UK, with new offices now in the US. ThisWay's team is comprised of experienced entrepreneurs, global PhD’s in the areas of machine learning and AI, as well as talented Millennials from across the globe.

Over the last twenty years, She has founded and built three companies, in sectors that range from architecture to the licensing industry. The common core in each has been my ability to build consensus amongst stakeholders, whether they be individuals, businesses or international governments.

She is a recognized thought leader on the topics of "Diversity and ROI" and "AI in the new world of work."

Without knowing her history, it would seem that the leap from land development to tech development is a big one. However, ThisWay is the manifestation of her drive to solve big problems. As early as 1992, when she founded the Texas A&M College of Architecture Career Fair, through my award-winning land development plan in the early 2000s, She has always sought to find meaningful solutions to big challenges.

Currently involved with:
ideaSpace-University of Cambridge: Alumni Founder
Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs: Lifetime Fellow
Cambridge Wireless: Founder Member
Enterprise Nation: Entrepreneurship Mentor for both Growth and Hiring

About us

Wefunder is a crowdfunding service which connects startups with investors online. Wefunder uses a provision in the 2012 JOBS Act which allows unaccredited investors to purchase equity in early stage private companies. Together, they’ve helped thousands of founders shoot their shot. Wefunder often gives founders that first bit of money to help them get off the ground. Startups have raised over $5 billion in venture capital after Wefunder.


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