Equity Management 101 for Founders - A Simple Guide


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WE.VESTR is the shareholder management platform for founders, by founders. From incorporation to fundraising to ESOPs, WE.VESTR simplify equity to create more collaboration and financial inclusivity in startups.

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Floris van Hoogenhuyze
CEO & Co-Founder

Floris van Hoogenhuyze is a serial entrepreneur and the Co-Founder and CEO of WE.VESTR, the shareholder management platform that helps founders and investors create a simplified and single source of truth when it comes to managing their startup equity. Before WE.VESTR, Floris successfully co-founded and built two companies in PropTech followed by Barqo, the Dutch market-leading online boat rental platform that he successfully exited in 2021.

It was during this time as a founder that Floris began to see a gap in the market when it came to how time-poor founders were spending anywhere between 30% to a staggering 70% of their time, energy and resources in managing their equity, shareholders and performance reporting.

For many founders, while their day job should be busy creating disruptive tech; their equity management (one of the most critical components of their business), is woefully stuck in the dark ages of excel spreadsheets and google folders. Since founding WE.VESTR in 2020, the platform has grown to serve as a portfolio management tool for investors, a Slicing Pie tool for super-early stage founders and as an all-in-one equity management solution for all founders going from incorporation to exit.

WE.VESTR has successfully grown geographically and has expanded out of its home Dutch market to cover Europe, UK and the global market as part of its mission to serve founders unlock a more financially inclusive and financially intuitive future.



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