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Andalusia Police Dept. Begins Using New Crime App

By Catalina Trivino | July 24, 2013

One south alabama police department is taking an extra step in keeping their city safe. It involves the community and technology...

The Andalusia Police Department is launching the "LiveSafe" app, which means on your smart phone or i-pad, you get another option on how to report crime right when you see it.

There's another option available to report crimes in Andalusia.

"If we save one life with this app, then it's worth it," Said Andalusia Investigator, Sgt. Jason Curry.

That's why the Andalusia Police Department has launched the "LiveSafe" app, which sends information directly from your smartphone to the police.

It's a free application. You can report anything from a crash to medical emergencies.

The app also allows you to write information. It even has special features like recording audio, video, or taking a photo of the crime you've witnessed...

"And I pull out my smartphone because everywhere I go, I tote it with me," Said Curry, demonstrating the app. "I simply click on the suspicious button and I take a picture of it."

And in a matter of seconds, that report comes into the dispatch center. It's where the department houses the "LiveSafe" dashboard. That's when officers can be sent out on the call.

But if you don't live in Andalusia, Curry says, you can still use the app to help prevent crimes in your area...

"You can still download this app and you can still report crimes to us and we would forward that to the appropriate agency," Said Curry.

According to the app, the Andalusia Police Department is the only agency in the state to have the app.

"Just say you're in the middle of an altercation -- you can't you don't have time to explain it on the phone, you need help right then, it comes in handy," Said Andalusia resident, Cassie Mortellaro. "And then you have people like myself -- I'm pregnant, I live by myself and I can at the touch of the button, have the ambulance there. I mean, at my house!"

Officers will also be able to send "push notifications" to the public, where they'll be able to send out crime alerts.

The app is available for android and apple products...

The department will do a one-year test to see if the app is effective and if it is, they'll continue to use it in the future.