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December 17, 2021
KiwiTech Announces Strategic Partnership with Alternative Medicine Venture LaughMD Recovery
Los Angeles, CA

Aimed at using humor as therapeutic care in hospitals and addiction recovery treatment centers

KiwiTech, LLC, a leading innovation ecosystem committed to helping startups build viable products, drive traction and raise capital, announced a strategic partnership with LaughMD Recovery, Inc. an alternative medicine venture enterprise app, dedicated towards using comedy videos as therapeutic care in hospitals and addiction recovery treatment centers supporting clinical programs.

"We have always been passionate about supporting innovations and ventures that strive to bring about positive and measurable changes in the society," said Rakesh Gupta, Founder and CEO of KiwiTech. "We're thrilled to partner with LaughMD Recovery and look forward to sharing our extensive tech and entrepreneurial expertise with them. We believe the collaboration will greatly support them in fulfilling their commitment towards providing humor as a therapy to patients in hospitals and other medical facilities."

"By embracing laughter, inspirational content, music, and the overall arts, substance abuse treatment facilities are truly motivated to lean into the LaughMD Recovery business model because it adds value to their clinical program. Our futuristic digital transformation solution solves problems and saves lives. We benefit all stakeholders within the recovery ecosystem," said Robert Tisdale, Founder and CEO/CMO of LaughMD Recovery.

"If the object of recovery is to feel better without the use of harmful substances, and we all feel better after a good laugh, then isn’t it about time we use scientifically proven humor as a form of medicine?" said Prof. Frank Chindamo, Founder and CTO/CCO of LaughMD Recovery.

"We are excited to join forces with KiwiTech. We’re confident that their deep technical expertise and connections to resources and capital will act as a booster shot for the growth of our platform and greatly assist us in achieving our goals," he added.

LaughMD Recovery’s business model is subscription-based and customized to mirror facilities’ treatment program. Their insurance billing consulting services and HIPAA-compliant data collection make their product a revenue generator. LaughMD Recovery has been proven effective three times thus far. At a USC Hospital, 89% of users reported stress relief and 91% reported pain relief.  

About LaughMD Recovery

LaughMD Recovery was founded by asking, “If ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine,’ why don’t we use it as medicine?” Laugh MD Recovery is an iPad App solution which assists drug and alcohol treatment facilities with streamlined scheduling, communications, fillable forms, and engaging content. They provide patients and staff with digital transformation, using the healing power of humor. For further information, visit

About KiwiTech

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