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June 16, 2022
KiwiTech Announces Strategic Partnership with South Carolina-based Technology Startup Validide Corporation
New York, NY

Establishing a Beachhead for autonomizing safety and security to protect personal information through a decentralized identity wallet system.

KiwiTech, LLC, a startup ecosystem that's home to more than 500 early to growth-stage startups, entered into a strategic partnership with Validide Corporation, a South Carolina-based emerging technology startup that aims to advance on the trend of Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) by decentralizing the control of personal identity information for all.

"We are delighted to begin our professional relationship with Validide Corporation. Their technology expertise positions itself highly in this new era of data autonomy. We look forward to seeing great results panning out working with such a driven team and are glad to combine our extensive pool of resources with them," said Rakesh Gupta, CEO and Founder, KiwiTech.

Validide Corporation is the developer of the Thrivacy digital wallet application for the web, iOS and Android. It is a decentralized technology that protects users’ identity and personal data when used to log into websites, applications, and when they wish to share their personal information securely and through direct control.

"We are very proud of the collaboration with KiwiTech," said Dr. Gordon Jones, Co-founder and CEO of Validide Corporation. "We are looking forward to building further into Web3 with the KiwiTech team and helping people worldwide protect their identities and personal credential information. Not only do we have the confidence in the capabilities of KiwiTech to advance us further faster, but their investment in Validide will also build the foundation to scale quickly, serving millions of people across all nations."

About KiwiTech

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About Validide Corporation

Validide Corporation is an emerging technology company based out of South Carolina, serving the world. Startup with co-founders from the University of South Carolina, including Dr. Gordon Jones, Fellow, Entrepreneur-in-Residence and instructor of Web3 technologies in the iSchool of the College of Information and Communications at USC and two recent graduates, Erica Barnette and Seth McGaugh, with serial entrepreneur and HR executive, Nicole Spracale. The team at Validide is building the Thrivacy application for web, iOS and Android as a digital wallet based on decentralized technology that protects your identity when you use it to log into applications or when you share your identity credentials with others. For more information, visit:

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