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KiwiTech Partners with LetzChat to Connect People Globally Across 40+ Languages

Washington D.C. - October 14, 2014

KiwiTech, a leading provider of web and mobile solutions, announced today that it has partnered with LetzChat, an innovative platform joining people based on commonalities regardless of language or distance.  In this unique partnership, KiwiTech will provide in-kind subsidized technology development of the LetzChat mobile applications for the iOS, Android and Windows platforms, as well as the full-featured website.

"With LetzChat, we've had an opportunity to partner with an exciting startup that brings exceptional vision, creativity, and endless possibilities to connect people," said Neal Gupta, Founder and Managing Director of KiwiTech. "The LetzChat vision, combined with KiwiTech's experience in developing for the web and mobile space, will prove to be a terrific combination, and we're delighted by the attention the platform has achieved even before completion."  Neal Gupta joins the diverse LetzChat Board of Directors, which includes celebrities, filmmakers, technology leaders, educators and charity organizations.

The LetzChat platform translates more than 40 languages in one-to-one private chats, private group chats and public chats, allowing people from all over the world to communicate and connect.  The website concurrently translates all messages in a chat room, which means that 40 people from 40 countries can all chat at the same time even if none of the 40 people speak the same language.  The LetzChat simple search function allows users to filter based on gender, age, location, hobbies, interests and much more, with search results appearing on the colorful world map.  According to Kevin Strom, Co-Founder and CEO of LetzChat, "The platform appeals to people of all ages, whether used for meeting your soul mate from Rome, getting an authentic French recipe directly from a chef in Paris or chatting about trending issues in a public global chat room."  

LetzChat has also generated a buzz and anticipation in Hollywood for a primary feature available at launch that will allow celebrities to video chat with fans in pre-scheduled or even spontaneous online events.  The celebrities will be provided with a special dashboard with the capability to transmit real-time video to their fans all over the world, take questions in any language and poll their fans with results showing up immediately on the screen.  This platform is perfect for celebrities wanting to grow their fan base in other countries, bands touring internationally, and professional athletes.  Even politicians who want to communicate their message directly and more clearly to minority demographics can use the platform to include groups who may otherwise feel ignored and excluded from the election process due to language barriers.  Actor/Producer/Comedian Jamie Kennedy (The After, Scream, Malibu's Most Wanted, Ghost Whisperer) was an early investor in LetzChat and is eager to use the platform, stating, "LetzChat will allow me to finally communicate with my fans around the world in a very fun and personal level even if we don't speak the same language.  I can jump on any time whether at my office, out to dinner, at the airport or on a movie set."  Jamie added, "I am looking forward to the Summer 2015 launch and being the first celebrity on the planet to go global with LetzChat."         

The LetzChat concept has already attracted an expanding global following. "We receive messages daily from people around the world ranging from individuals and travelers who simply want to make new friends to very exclusive dating services looking to match their selective wealthy VIP clients to potentially perfect matches in foreign countries." said Kevin Strom.  He added, "We are extremely excited with the KiwiTech partnership as they have the size, experience and team to dramatically reduce our time to launch.  KiwiTech understood our vision from day one and shares our love and passion for this project which we know will ultimately generate a positive ripple effect in the world."

About KiwiTech
KiwiTech provides end-to-end digital technology solutions across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, media & entertainment, education, financial services and government. Leveraging its world-class design capability, and its deep expertise with content and databases, KiwiTech enables companies to seamlessly add mobile to their technology stack, ensuring instant access to information – anytime, anywhere and on any device. KiwiTech has quickly gained recognition as an innovator by investing in numerous start-ups and partnering with large enterprises.  KiwiTech is based in Washington DC, with offices in New York, San Francisco and New Delhi.

About LetzChat
LetzChat's goal is to break down the two barriers that most separate people, language and distance.  Co-Founder and CEO Kevin Strom created the LetzChat concept as a means to connect people based on commonalities, whether for the purpose of meeting new friends on the other side of the world, to discuss global issues with people from other cultures, or simply to open our minds to the fact that deep down we all share many of the same core values regardless of where we live and how we communicate.  There are more than seven billion people on the planet and LetzChat finally gives those people an opportunity to truly connect and explore the world without ever leaving the house.  LetzChat is based in Los Angeles.     

Note: LetzChat has been rebranded to GlobeChat now.