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KiwiTech to work with Techadox, on their disruptive solution in Managed Delivery and Assisted Insourcing

New York, NY - May 21, 2018

KiwiTech, LLC, a startup accelerator and technology services company, has entered into a strategic partnership with Techadox, a technology platform that provides coordinated delivery and assisted insourcing to help businesses meet their total field service needs.

"Techadox is doing some amazing things to revolutionize the way people think about contingent labor," said Rakesh Gupta, CEO of KiwiTech. "KiwiTech has clear synergies with Techadox and is committed to helping them leverage our extensive experience in the technology space to further their mission."

"Techadox was purpose-built by IT field service professionals for IT field service professionals," said Vibert Alli, CEO of Techadox. "More than just an on-demand field service marketplace, Techadox Coordinated Service allows us to support the entire service event, from parts order to completion, at the level that works for our clients."

"As field service professionals, finding the right technology partners is critical to support our vision. We are delighted about this partnership and view KiwiTech as the ideal partner to work with our internal team to enhance our platform and take it to the next level."

About Techadox 
Based in Newark, Delaware, Techadox takes the uncertainty out of contingent labor. The Techadox community is based on the vision of businesses and field service technicians working in perfect harmony for collaborative success. We define Labor as a Service as the unification of people, parts, and logistics to achieve better than expected results. Techadox delivers peace of mind by creating comprehensive assignments, engaging exceptional technicians, procuring parts, monitoring all assignments in real-time, all while providing highly qualified account management and 24x7 support. Techadox is Field Technology. Connected. To learn more, visit:

About KiwiTech 
KiwiTech provides end-to-end digital technology solutions across a wide range of industries, including publishing, healthcare, media & entertainment, education, financial services, energy and nonprofit & government. KiwiTech has quickly gained recognition as an innovator by investing in numerous early-stage startups and partnering with large enterprises. Drawing on its deep expertise across mobile and web technologies, KiwiTech enables companies to create groundbreaking digital experiences. KiwiTech is based in Washington DC, with additional offices in New York and New Delhi.