5 Signs Your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign is Going to be Successful


When running an equity crowdfunding campaign, it’s important to know how to monitor its success. Just putting your campaign out there isn’t enough to ensure that you’ll receive funding. If you are looking for signs that your equity crowdfunding campaign is successful, the following five points will help you build a successful equity crowdfunding campaign. 

Your campaign tells an engaging story.

A successful equity crowdfunding campaign will have a story behind it. The story can be about the founders, how they came up with an idea and why they need funding from investors, or it could even be as simple as telling people that you need their help to complete your project. 

The more engaging your story is the better because this is what draws in potential investors. Make sure that you have a story to tell and make sure it is interesting.

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Your campaign has a social media presence.

A successful equity crowdfunding campaign will have a good social media presence. This means having an active Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram account, and possibly TikTok account. The key is to not just post about your own company but also to engage with others.

You are reaching your target audience.

One of the main goals of any equity crowdfunding campaign is to reach your target audience. This means that you need to know who your target market is and then focus on marketing efforts towards them. If you are targeting the wrong audience, then it’s likely that your campaign will not be successful.

You have a good amount of funds raised.

One sign that an equity crowdfunding campaign is going to be very successful is when there has been a lot of money already raised during the first few days or weeks after launch. Usually, if this happens, then it’s likely that the campaign will reach its funding goal.

You have good engagement.

An equity crowdfunding campaign is successful when there is a lot of engagement happening among investors, backers, or potential customers. When people are engaged with your company in some way, whether through social media posts or email marketing campaigns, this shows that they are interested in your product.

All these are clear indicators and important gauging metrics to see if your efforts are going to bear the fruits of success or not.

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If you are looking for help with your equity crowdfunding campaign, KiwiTech can provide you with a marketing service that will increase your chances of success. We have many years of experience in marketing and the know-how to reach your target audience. We will create a campaign that is tailored to your needs and will help you reach your funding goals. Contact our crowdfunding experts today to learn more.

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