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IoT Application Development Services

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A connected ecosystem is the future of businesses. With KiwiTech’s IoT services, you can control, manage and leverage connected devices across a spectrum of use cases to fuel your digital transformation.

A preferred IoT development partner to some of the most disruptive startups and leading corporations, we understand that the Internet of Things is not just about connectivity – it’s about what this connectivity enables. We offer services that span the entire lifecycle of IoT-related initiatives, bring tangible value and drive resiliency. We help clients succeed by applying our business, design, and technology expertise to get their best ideas to market faster.

Our IoT Service Offerings

Data Retrieval

Gather data from a variety of hardware sources. Our IoT applications allow structuring and secure storage of the data in the cloud for ready access.

Big Data Analysis

Obtain business-critical insights by analyzing big data captured from a variety of sources to facilitate decision making.

Data Processing

Our IoT applications can aggregate sensor data from devices and process it in real-time or batches and enable H2M and M2M communication.

IoT Platform

Accelerate time-to-ROI and actualize value in your IoT app by integrating it across channels and devices.

API Development
and Integration

Leverage flexibility and scalability by implementing microservices in API development and integration.

Testing &

We conduct comprehensive maintenance and testing services to ensure optimal performance of your IoT application and its integrations.

UX Designing
for IoT

Our IoT application development services include designing a coherent and seamless user experience across devices and software.

IoT Application Development Services for Wearables

Leverage IoT applications for wearables and explore a host of possibilities and use cases.

Harnessing IoT Across Industries

Revolutionize patient monitoring, imaging, care delivery and hospital management with IoT application development services.


Discover use cases such as wallet of things, security systems, wireless self-checkouts and payments with IoT applications.


Automate backend as well as frontend processes such as delivery operations, warehousing, shelving and more with IoT development.


Monitor energy equipment, build autonomous energy plants, and use automation.


Leverage robot arms, remote sensing, predictive maintenance, and inventory management with IoT services.


Digitize fleet monitoring, vehicle tracking, automotive maintenance, and infotainment with IoT development.


Realize techniques such as precision farming, agricultural drones, livestock monitoring, and smart greenhouses.

Smart Home Solutions

Actualize use cases such as smart lighting, theft prevention, water-quality monitoring with IoT applications.

Why KiwiTech for IoT Development Services


We keep data governance and secure development best practices top-of-mind with every IoT development project. We also adhere to industry-specific standards and regulations.


We build for scalability so that when the time comes, your IoT applications and the underlying infrastructure can be appropriately scaled up to support millions of connected devices.

Reliable connectivity

IoT applications thrive on connectivity. We ensure a hiccup-free experience with high-quality connectivity by helping you choose the right networking protocol.

Top-notch quality

We eliminate risks and ensure quick time-to-market with an outstanding quality of IoT applications through our rigorous quality assurance approach and automated testing.

Smooth usability

Our skilled developers and proficient designers put their talent together to create IoT applications that are intuitive, interactive and user-friendly.

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The Internet of Things is essentially a network of devices with embedded software, sensors and other technologies that support data retrieval, decision making, and action triggering.

A complete IoT system comprises four components: connectivity, sensors/devices, user interface and data processing.

There are six kinds of network standards in IoT application development.
1. Bluetooth and BLE
2. Cellular (3G, 4G, 5G)
4. Mesh protocols
5. Wi-Fi

If there was a straight answer to that one, you’d have it here. Every IoT application is different and can range from a simplistic application with a straightforward use case to a sophisticated IoT system with a million devices. Therefore, we encourage you to reach out to us with your requirement for us to assess the scope of your application and thus define the budget.

IoT applications and systems sometimes capture highly sensitive data depending on where they are being used. Therefore, IoT application developers at KiwiTech focus a lot on secure development. We manage and protect you from the following risks:
1. Lack of knowledge and awareness in the user
2. Hijacking
3. Botnet attacks
4. Lack of compliance from hardware manufacturers
5. Device update failures
6. Gaps in physical hardening
7. Industrial espionage and eavesdropping

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