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Creating the Future

We share your passion for helping entrepreneurs navigate startup challenges and transition from a startup to a scale-up.

Empowering Local Ecosystems

Solving complex problems requires collaboration. We are deeply committed to enabling local startup communities spearhead innovation at a much faster pace. Our concerted efforts to build strong local ecosystems is a reflection of our commitment to promote entrepreneurship at the grass roots.

Sharing Is Caring

We believe in mutual care and support to startups in our respective ecosystems. We work with dozens of incubators and accelerators sharing deal flow and finding solutions for each other. There’s tremendous upside to exchanging innovative ideas and resources with those who share your commitment towards a better future.

Exclusive Discounts for Accelerators & Incubators

As part of our incubators and accelerators partnership program, we have special discounted rates for a variety of services that we provide, from product development to digital marketing to finance and accounting. Being a quintessential one-stop shelter, our ecosystem will perfectly fit the bill for all the requirements of your cohort batches.

Our Partners

Network With Global Investors

Gain access to the most relevant and industry-specific investors for the startups participating in your accelerator programs. Our global network of over 3,000 investors share our passion for supporting innovative founders who aspire to bring about a difference in the world with their ideas and vision.

Let’s work together for a better future


Accelerators and incubators benefit from partnering with KiwiTech in many ways. KiwiTech provides discounted software development for startups in their cohorts, gives open access to KiwiTech’s investor network, and more.

KiwiTech provides a plethora of services to our partners. From CTO advisory services to fundraising support and mentorship, your cohorts will be eligible to leverage all the benefits that come with the KiwiTech startup ecosystem.

Of course. All interested startups from a partner accelerator’s cohort are more than welcome to pitch their innovations at KiwiTech’s exclusive startup and investor events.

No. Our events are totally free for accelerators, incubators, startups and investors.

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