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Delivering Purposeful Experiences
One at a Time

User Experience Design Services

Great design is sacrosanct to users expecting premium digital experiences. To have the best chance of success, you require a UX design services partner for whom user experience, research and data driven decisions are a lifestyle, for whom design thinking & design systems are truly agile to suit a product’s need.

Your users expect elegant design no matter what the task or goal. Our designers work in tandem with the developers to ensure that and create truly unique delightful experiences that go beyond devices.

Our UX Design Service Offerings

Experience Design Consulting
UI/UX Audit
Design Thinking Consulting
Prototyping and Usability Testing
Product Video Production
Wordpress Design & Development

Our UX Design Process

While processes are important in a product development lifecycle, right from inception to design and development, strict adherence and monitoring is imperative and builds the core of every project we undertake at KiwiTech.

While the processes allow us to stay focused, they also empower the teams with immense creative freedom to produce unique digital experiences.

Product Strategy

Each new design engagement pivots around an in-depth discovery phase and takes a deep dive into understanding the requirements for the product we are designing. Our UX design team gathers all the information exchanged during these meets, and then plays it back to the customer to ensure we see their product as they see it!

Creating proto user personas, conducting user research, analyzing compiled data points, studying the competition, and creating user flow diagrams lead to a journey to creating an ideal product.

Our UX experts remain focused towards delivering a meaningful, compelling & custom drafted user experience that goes beyond devices, inter-weaving your purpose with your brand’s unique personality.


Every customer is empowered with the choice of designing the product prototype before the development begins, or designing and developing various different components and user flows in parallel.

Some customers prefer to see a working clickable prototype before the development starts to better visualize various areas of the application & to avoid rework for various support teams, while some prefer to design and develop in parallel.

At KiwiTech, we adhere to both Agile & Scrumban methodologies keeping in mind different business needs, technology understanding and product development cycle familiarity of our customers.

Scalable Design Solutions

UI and UX design for mobile apps, web and other hybrid (multi‑platform) digital experiences, are our forte, but we also take pride in streamlining enterprise system user experience, irrespective of the quantum of scale.

Imagine a legacy enterprise platform with appearance, ease of use, user-friendliness, and personality of a consumer-grade solution.

We take pride in strict adherence to compliance, simplifying complex user workflows, improving overall efficiency and producing digital solutions that delight!

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