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AWS Cloud Services

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Elevate Your Business with AWS Services

In an era marked by the rise of AI, KiwiTech understands the revolutionary impact of artificial intelligence on every industry. Our AWS services are meticulously designed to support your business, driving scalability, security, and innovation at every turn. As an official AWS Consulting Partner, you can count on us to deliver optimized technology infrastructure that integrates the latest AI advancements and increases operational productivity through effective and efficient cloud solutions.

AWS Service Offerings

Cloud Migration Services

Smoothly and securely transition your operations to the cloud with our cloud migration services, ensuring optimized performance and cost efficiency.

Cloud Computing Services

Experience advanced cloud computing solutions that boost operational productivity through scalable infrastructure, data storage, and application services.

AI-Driven Innovation

Implement intelligent solutions that improve decision making and operational efficiency using our serverless computing framework powered by AWS Lambda.

Security and Compliance

Maintain the highest standards of data protection and meet regulatory requirements with our robust security measures.

Why Choose KiwiTech?


Benefit from our deep expertise in Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Elastic Container Service (ECS), Lambda, and DynamoDB along with advanced serverless computing frameworks for efficient container orchestration.

Customized Solutions

Get tailored AWS services using AWS Amplify, AWS SAM CLI, AWS SageMaker, and AWS Bedrock.


Stay ahead of market trends and meet your unique business needs.


Remain efficient and up-to-date with our continuous support and optimization.

AWS Activate Program

As an official AWS Activate Provider, we help our startup & enterprise partners get a host of free benefits including AWS credits, members-only offers, architecture guidance, and free tools to help build and scale their businesses.


Our AI-driven innovations utilize AWS SageMaker, EKS, AWS Bedrock, etc. for AI modules that boost decision-making and streamline operations.

Using AWS's comprehensive analytics, we develop custom AI models that forecast trends, inform strategic decisions, and uncover hidden opportunities to give your business a competitive edge.

We specialize in EKS and ECS to facilitate smooth and secure transitions to the cloud, optimizing performance and cost efficiencies.

Yes, we offer full-scale support for large enterprises, covering planning, migration, and post-migration optimization to ensure seamless transitions to AWS.

We use AWS Amplify and AWS SAM CLI to accelerate development cycles, employing automated workflows that enhance reliability and speed of delivery.

Yes, our AWS services include comprehensive security measures to meet the highest data protection standards and regulatory requirements, tailored to specific industries.

Partnering with KiwiTech for your AWS migration offers scalability, enhanced security, cost savings, and access to our deep expertise in cloud technologies.

We tailor AWS solutions based on a thorough assessment of your business goals and operational needs, ensuring the technology aligns with your strategic objectives.

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