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Product Discovery Services

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Validating Business Ideas with Product Discovery

Before taking the big step in a business, you need to identify if your product addresses real people problems and is able to solve them. That’s why product discovery is an essential step before taking your product to market. To avoid disconnect between user needs and product, you need professional help to conduct product discovery.

KiwiTech helps businesses identify gaps in their product vision through an in-depth analysis of their vision, objective, users and the market so that they can avert risks right from the start. Our startup and enterprise product discovery service enables you to not only lay the groundwork for the remainder of the project but also reveal the real pain points and discover value faster and cheaper.

Our Product Discovery Process

Initial Discovery

You tell us and we listen about the primary aim of your product and the challenge it will solve for its users. Our team familiarizes itself with the why behind your product.

Onsite Visit

We visit you and discuss the ins and outs of the project in-person. Under special circumstances, we meet virtually and kick off the discovery process.

Product Visioning

We define your vision for your product and specify what success would look like for you. Every product development should follow a clear vision.

Technology Discovery

What would your product take to build? In this stage, we identify the required underlying technology pieces, including software and third-party APIs.

Stakeholder Interviews

We identify and speak with key stakeholders, including product owners, end-users, administrators, developers, investors, and align their vision for the product.

Follow-Up Discussion

We review the data and information we have so far and identify gaps, register agreements and disagreements, and chalk out the next steps.

Approach Definition

How would you approach the development of your product? In this stage, we identify and build on a few possible approaches you could take.

Validation of Plan

We brainstorm the plan of development for your product and validate it against real users and use cases. A/B testing also helps find out what users prefer.

Documentation of Findings

Now, we put it all together in a neat document that you can refer back to throughout the development process to ensure you stay on track.

Review Findings

KiwiTech team presents findings of the discovery phase for you to review the output of the product discovery service to spot gaps for improvement.


We optimize the discovery document to fit your vision, the user’s needs and the goals of the product. We invite your feedback and our experts’ opinions.

Final Presentation

This wraps up the startup product discovery service with a final presentation of the building blocks for your product. We hand over the deliverables to you now.

Through our startup product discovery service, we help you measure the value of your idea so that your product stands on a solid and stable foundation and returns the investment and more.

Benefits of a Discovery Phase
Scope of Project

Eliminate guesswork and identify project scope to accurately estimate budget and timelines.

Realistic Expectations

Whether your idea is customer-facing or for your own good use, set the right expectations so you can meet them successfully.

Risk Mapping

Any risks in pursuing an idea can easily surface through a product discovery phase. Learn about budget and timeline overruns early on.

User-Centric Development

Analyze and make data-driven design decisions for an exceptional user experience.

Prevent Costs

Safeguard budget estimates by avoiding the need to make expensive changes to the product during ripe development stages.

Gauge Competition

As part of the startup product discovery service, you will also size up your competitors and counter them.

Discovery Phase Deliverables

Startup and enterprise product discovery services lead to a set of deliverables.

Software Requirement Specification

An SRS document comprehensively describes the scope, features, architecture, and technology stack of a software product. Enterprise product discovery services yield such a document that helps set the stage for subsequent development.

Project Roadmap

This is a snapshot of the project’s goals and objectives highlighted on a timeline to serve as a milestone for various development stages.

Product Backlog and Roadmap

This set of deliverables breaks down step-by-step the work structure needed to develop the software product. A product roadmap highlights the project timeline along with several milestones and dependencies.


You will also receive an estimate of the budget to develop your software product. The budget stated during product discovery is unlikely to shift significantly unless the project itself does.

Let’s deep dive into your business idea


The discovery phase of a software product helps reduce the risk of failure and budget overruns with advanced planning and strategic decision-making. The various stages in a product discovery service help businesses nail down product objectives, vision, commercial feasibility, user experience, design and budget and timelines for the software development stage.

A discovery phase is crucial as it allows businesses to predict gaps in the software vision, meet user expectations, and make design, budget, and timeline decisions based on hard data instead of guesswork. A successful startup product discovery service will minimize the risk of failure of your product.

With the deliverables of the product discovery phase, companies go on to develop their software products with a clear understanding of what their users need, the budget they are working with, the development approach, and so on. The development phase tends to have less costly errors and re-dos after a successful discovery phase.

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