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Artificial Intelligence is swiftly evolving into an industry-shaping force, revolutionizing sectors, businesses and our daily lives. As a leading artificial intelligence services company, KiwiTech is uniquely positioned to help you with the practical implementation of AI so you can transform data into business insights, make informed decisions and overcome real-world challenges.

Drawing on the deep domain expertise of our data science team, we help businesses leverage AI and ML to transform processes, address opportunities and increase profitability. Our artificial intelligence and machine learning development services pave the way for you to successfully navigate the risks of digital disruption and become more resilient in today’s new normal.

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Featured Case Studies

Featured Case Studies

Insurance fraud costs a staggering $300 billion+ in the US alone. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and proprietary algorithms, we enabled the client to help insurers detect fraud effectively and efficiently. We used Digital Speech/Image DNA to provide claim handlers with credibility and reputational scores for prioritized reviews.

Helped develop a desktop platform to support a laser-based chemical detection device for processed crops and processed foods. Our deep learning-based solution ensured 99.9% accuracy to give users the most reliable and valuable information possible.

Transformed the extensive business article repository of a leading business publication into an invaluable tool for alumni. Tapping into their rich archives, our GPT-powered solution adeptly identifies and offers pertinent insights and articles for specific business challenges.

Helped a recruitment platform build an NLP-based information retrieval system from any resume and predict which resumes are top matches for a job. This helped filter out potential candidates from the bulk of available profiles.

Helped an up-and-coming sports-oriented social media platform analyze and rate basketball skill in real-time, achieving over 90 percent accuracy in action recognition.

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We experience the world through multiple sensory modalities, such as vision, hearing, and touch. These diverse inputs allow us to understand our environment more comprehensively. ...

The financial landscape today is rife with challenges due to scams, subterfuge, and various perils that cost consumers and businesses billions of dollars each year. ...

Since the debut of ChatGPT in November 2022, the AI-powered tool, developed by OpenAI, has introduced a new era where artificial intelligence (AI) assists developers at ...


KiwiTech utilizes Generative AI to create disruptive solutions across various domains. By training models to generate new content, designs, and ideas, we empower businesses with unique and cutting-edge offerings.

KiwiTech offers comprehensive ChatGPT integration services, assisting businesses in seamlessly incorporating ChatGPT into their applications eg: Chatbot using Documents in different formats. We have both generative and non-generative ways to build your chatbots Our experts provide guidance, customization, and integration to ensure a smooth user experience.

Yes, enterprises can use GPT while upholding strong privacy and data protection standards. KiwiTech is committed to configuring GPT and implementing it within a privacy-focused framework, ensuring data security and compliance.

KiwiTech places a high priority on ethical AI usage. We adhere to strict guidelines, conduct regular audits, and implement fairness and bias mitigation techniques to ensure responsible AI deployment and maintain ethical considerations.

KiwiTech remains at the forefront of AI advancements through its DeepTech Center of Excellence (CoE), which specializes in AI, Web3 and other emerging technologies. This dedicated CoE ensures that our innovative solutions are consistently infused with the latest technological breakthroughs, enabling our clients to integrate cutting-edge technologies effectively.

KiwiTech predominantly uses popular programming languages such as Python, along with versatile frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch, as the foundation for our AI development services. We extend our capabilities by collaborating with platforms like IBM Watson & Bluemix, Amazon Machine Learning, Google Cloud Prediction API, and Azure Machine Learning Studio, among others. Additionally, we have experience working on Open Source tools like Rasa etc. This comprehensive approach enables us to craft innovative and customized AI solutions for diverse business needs.

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