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ReactJS Development Services

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Leveraging ReactJS to Build High-Performance Apps

KiwiTech takes pride in its proficiency and team of skilled professionals in ReactJS development. We have delivered challenging and complex projects well within the timelines, putting us among industry leaders with successful client stories. We have a team with efficiency in implementing new development technologies and turning it into feasible, business-driven applications.

Whether you are creating an application from scratch or modernizing an existing legacy application, you get a reliable development process, post-delivery and ongoing support with KiwiTech. Plus, we follow the Agile development methodology, meaning a customer-centric approach.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is an open-source frontend development library backed by Facebook and used to create modern web applications. This customizable library doesn’t have a steep learning curve. Companies currently using React framework include Facebook, Airbnb, Netflix, AWS and Instagram.

ReactJS embraces DOM flawlessly, making it a high-performing javascript framework to deliver a robust application.

Our ReactJS Development Services

ReactJS Mobile App Development

Leverage this rich framework to build an outstanding mobile app that solves a real-world challenge and functions smoothly.

ReactJS Web App Development

With attractive and functional aesthetics and rich features, ReactJS development services can be ideal for your web app needs.

ReactJS Customized Development

Hire ReactJS developers from KiwiTech to build custom solutions for you based on the evolving needs of your industry.


Enhance the functionality and richness of your web application with custom extensions and plugins built for your purpose.

Progressive Web App Development

PWAs can work seamlessly within browsers yet offer the look and feel and function of a responsive web application.

App Migration

We offer ReactJS migration and upgrade services to bring your web application onto the latest ReactJS framework in a secure way.

Interactive UI Development with ReactJS

Utilize our ReactJS Interactive UI Development services to gain a competitive edge over your competitors. Via ReactJS, you will be able to create more advanced, navigable user interfaces with ease and efficiency that drive customer engagement.

QE and Testing

KiwiTech holds proficiency in testing practices and quality engineering approaches with a team of specialists experienced in ReactJS. We identify program defects and test software functionality, design, reliability and consistency.

Maintenance and Support Services

Our ReactJS development services come with support and maintenance services to ensure a hiccup-free experience.

Why Choose ReactJS Development Services?

Rapid Development

ReactJS development services lead to rapid application development, which saves time as well as cost for you.

High Performance Apps

ReactJS framework offers server-side rendering and virtual DOM, enabling complex web applications to run smoothly.

Quick Rendering

React’s applications are typically pre-rendered, making web applications well-positioned for high performance, meaning fewer bounces due to long loading times.

UX and SEO Advantages

Owing to quick rendering and low response time, the overall experience of a ReactJS web app is enhanced for the user, leading to SEO benefits for you.

Powerful Community

React’s been around since 2013 and is backed by a passionate community of developers, meaning the framework is mature enough.

Code Stability

ReactJS framework gets frequently updated, but the changes do not wreck the code or need comprehensive testing, meaning staying on top of updates isn’t a hassle.

Our ReactJS Development Process


Tell us about your project requirements and the business case to back your ideas.

Development and Designing

After analyzing the product functionality, we get down to building it for your business.

Testing and QA

Our comprehensive and holistic testing procedures ensure high-quality web applications with high performance and reduced downtime.


We go Live with the web application and track its performance for any bugs or glitches.

Support and Maintenance

We stand right behind you to offer any additional support you need, even after the handover of the finished product.

Why KiwiTech

Agile Methodology

Agile methodology leads to rapid development, keeping you and your requirements front and center.

Rich Experience

KiwiTech has a rich experience of handling clients pertaining to diverse domains and has delivered projects with desirable results and best turnaround times.

High Coding Standards

We hold ourselves to high coding standards, creating code that is smart, reusable, beautiful and stable.

Quality and Security

Hire ReactJS developers who emphasize the quality and security of your application as much as the aesthetics.

Consistent Communication

We don’t leave you wondering what's going on with your project. With utter transparency, you're involved in the day-to-day as well as the big picture.

Rapid Delivery

We stick to deadlines. The Agile methodology helps us speed up the development process.

Startup Ecosystem

KiwiTech uniquely offers a startup ecosystem with an opportunity for you to gain industry connections, mentorship around fundraising and go-to-market strategies.

Reserve a free consultation with our ReactJS experts


ReactJS is a frontend development library while React Native is a cross-platform app development framework. With ReactJS development services, we create irresistible user interfaces and functional web apps, while React Native development yields powerful mobile apps.

We at KiwiTech understand your needs, validate your idea, make suggestions based on our experience, develop intuitive UI/UX, deliver within budget and on time, test your app inside out and don’t stop at anything to make sure you succeed at the terms you set.

ReactJS reduces the server response time, boosts the user experience and offers exceptional SEO advantages as a result. Not only that, ReactJS development can be useful when you need to hit the market quickly with a secure and robust web app.

There is no straight answer to that one, or you’d find it here. Every ReactJS application we’ve developed has been unique. We suggest you reach out to us using the simple form above and we will be in touch with you to chat about your requirements and come up with a proposal accordingly.

There’s no straightforward answer to that one, or you’d find it here. Every ReactJS application we’ve developed has been unique in its timeline. We suggest you reach out to us using the simple form above and we will be in touch with you to learn more about your application and come up with a timeline suitably.

We do offer consulting services for ReactJS development. We closely analyze what you need, check the feasibility of your application and then advise on the best development options as well as a plan of development.

We believe that every development project should have a team of experienced developers who know the ins and outs of not just the framework or library in use but also basic knowledge about the business use case and the end user. That’s when the application comes out beautifully. You may also want to look for domain expertise and past projects when you hire ReactJS developers.

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