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Software Prototyping Services

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Fast-Track Your Future With Cutting-Edge Prototyping

Refine your product’s design and functionality, eliminate the risk of failure, and validate your product in your target customer segment, by bringing it in action through our software prototype development services.

We help you test and validate a working prototype quickly, for the customer experience, UI, UX and business use case to raise funding and develop your product with confidence.

Our Software Prototyping
Service Offerings

Static Prototyping
Static Prototyping

Static prototype development services result in a series of static images put one after another to help visualize your product, its flow and functions. A static prototype visually traces the user journey.

Proof of Concept

A PoC is a frugal viability test of your core assumption about your product, which reveals whether your product can be realized. A PoC also defines and tests the product functionalities, features and integrations for feasibility.

Clickable Prototyping

Clickable prototyping results in functional mapping of the user journey, ending in an MVP launch. As good as seeing it in action, clickable prototyping allows you to test functionalities, features and underlying tech integrations.

Our Prototyping Process

Understanding Your Idea
We work with you to understand your innovation.
Customer Persona
We help you define the customer so that your product appeals and impacts.
User Stories
We give you the opportunity to address specific problems and use cases for your customer, one by one.
Functional Document
We define your product’s capabilities, functionalities and aesthetics benchmarks.
We build mock-ups that present information, structure and layout of each app or website page.
Application Design
We design a highly functional and intuitive app for a smooth user experience.
Clickable Prototype
We build on the designed prototype by adding in functionality and navigation.
Prototype Testing and Iterations
We test your software prototype comprehensively, reviewing and iterating it.
Your software prototype is now good to go. Present it to investors and potential customers.

Why KiwiTech for Software Prototyping

Quick Delivery

We understand deadlines and keep them sacred.

Experienced Team

So far, we’ve worked with 500+ startups of a variety of sizes and in various industries.

We Care

We care for our customer’s successes and go the extra mile to help them succeed.

Wide Industry Knowledge

We cater to 15+ industries such as healthcare, education, finance, insurance, travel & hospitality, entertainment, retail, real estate, and more.

Round-the-clock Availability

We are available past traditional hours to support startups - answer your questions and provide the support you need at this stage.

Our Ecosystem

KiwiTech offers a distinct support environment for startups to receive support and mentorship around fundraising, go-to-market strategies and enterprise connections.

Benefits of Our Prototyping Services

Feasibility Testing

Test the practicality of your idea in minimal time and cost through our product prototyping services.

Concept Check

Demonstrate a tangible product vision for your stakeholders to interact with your idea and buy into it.

Early Feedback

Insights from legitimate users fuel subsequent product growth and evolution, confirming market needs and ripeness.

Iterate Complex Products

Quick iteration early on leads to fewer complications when developing a complex product that needs early and frequent validation.

Budgeting and Planning

Visualize the scope and requirements of your product for proper budgeting and planning for down-the-line.

Demonstrate to Investors

Convince prospective investors of your idea with a compelling prototype that’s validated for the market and users.


Prototyping ensures cost-efficiency for your startups by incorporating changes and iterations early on in the development stage.

Ready to turn your idea into action?


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Product prototyping can be a significant stage for your startup. Make sure you choose the right support system to help you succeed in this phase. At KiwiTech, we’ve supported 400+ startups with 1500+ solutions with not just technology services, but our unique startup program and mentorship around fundraising, go-to-market approach and enterprise connections, all of which ultimately help you succeed.

If there was an easy answer to this one, you’d find it right here. But there isn’t. In our wealth of experience working with startups across industries, we have realized there isn’t a cookie-cutter cost that comes with our product prototyping services. Therefore, we encourage you to reach out to us and we will be in touch with you!

If your idea is already validated within your target market and all you need is to develop the product, you can skip the prototyping process. However, 42% of startups backfire because they moved on to the development stage too fast and realized the market does not need what they offer. In order to prevent that from happening, we encourage you to start with a prototype.

As part of our software prototyping services, we help you validate your idea in front of real users who match your customer persona. When they use your product and give feedback, it leads us to important insights about the user’s needs, journey, and expectations. With those, we can iterate your product and make sure it fits and appeals to your market.

A functional document describes your product in fine detail. It outlines how your mobile or web application will function and what it will help your customers accomplish. It also outlines the aesthetics of your product, functioning as a fine blueprint of your application.

At KiwiTech, we build in enough review and feedback loops within our prototype development service so that you are involved in the process throughout. This means there are no surprises at the end and you’ve been alongside us developing and designing your application to address the market’s needs... all along.

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