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Enabling Startups to
Innovate and Scale Up

Transforming Software Development for Startups

We help talented entrepreneurs turn their ideas into sustainable businesses and disrupt the status quo in their industry by offering cost-effective software development services for startups. Our unique tech-for-equity model allows us to invest our technology resources in startups in exchange for equity alongside cash, thereby significantly reducing the cost of accelerated software development.

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Connecting Aspirations

We provide the strongly-needed support system to startups at every level of their development cycle to help them scale rapidly. A direct access to our exceptional mentors, partners, and investors opens new horizons for startups.

Take the Centerstage

Our pitch events provide you with an intimate networking platform to engage with investors.

Through our Demo Days and other events, we actively connect entrepreneurs and investors via our unique Access to Capital program to help entrepreneurs raise seed funding or later-stage funding for their startups.

Mentors Who Empower

We understand the vital role the community plays in the success of any startup and challenges today necessitate mentorship. Our people-centric approach keeps founders at the core of every aspect of their growth, paving the way for a healthy and much-needed mentorship.

You're With Good Minds

Our team of experts intensively works with entrepreneurs to get their products into the finest shape and perfect their pitch.

Our program is designed to help entrepreneurs navigate every startup challenge, allowing them to minimize risks, maximize success and achieve scale.

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Play the Major Leagues

Our global startup ecosystem bridges the gap between the world’s most promising startups and leading enterprises, opening doors for collaboration, continuous innovation and growth.

Enter the
'Exit' Wagon

We are dedicated to helping you find a direction, expanding on your ideas, developing product and service concepts to help you raise investment for your startup, and designing exit strategies keeping your startup’s best in mind.

Trust us to steer your startup to success.


It's simple: We provide custom software development for startups for a mixture of cash and equity, typically a straight 50/50 split for the total cost of development. For example, you have a software development project that would cost $50,000. You pay $25,000 in cash to KiwiTech during the course of the project. And KiwiTech takes $25,000 in the form of equity in your company at your current valuation.

No. We typically take a 1-5% equity stake over a period of 2-5 years based on the value of tech services provided.

We don’t just provide software development for startups -- we provide startups with 360 degree support through our integrated ecosystem which includes technology, fundraising, mentorship, corporate partnerships, and go-to-market support.

Yes. We’re committed to protecting your proprietary information.

We are industry agnostic. Our partners include startups from 15+ industries including HealthTech, FinTech, EdTech, SportsTech, Gaming, Travel & Hospitality, Publishing and more.

No. We work with startups across the globe.

Typically, we do not invest directly in startups.

Yes. Our pitch events have helped many startups raise their first pre-seed/seed round, typically in the range of $250,000 - $2M.

Yes. We have special investor events and curated investor webinars for startups that are raising $5M - $25M.

No. We do not engage in any commercials for introductions to investors in our network.

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