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DevOps Services

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Improve Business Agility With DevOps

Traditional ways of software development often prove to be inadequate in a world that’s moving at the speed of digital. Businesses need to become more flexible and agile, so they can meet digital disruption head on. This is where DevOps come in.

DevOps, a modern software engineering approach, helps organizations break down silos between development and operation teams to achieve true collaboration, enhance software quality and ensure streamlined delivery.

At KiwiTech, we empower startups and enterprises to build a culture of automation and innovation with our comprehensive DevOps services. Our DevOps consulting team drives transformation by bringing together people, processes and technology.

Our DevOps Service Offerings

Continuous Integration
& Deployment
and Strategy
24x7 DevOps
Managed Services

How DevOps Unlocks Efficiencies

  • Faster, more frequent feedbacks
  • Early, iterative testing
  • Continuous integration
  • Improved response to market dynamics
  • Greater collaboration
  • Automation
  • Faster time to market

Drawing on our extensive experience in DevOps consulting and managed services, we enable our clients to:

Optimize throughput
Minimize costs
Reduce risks
Facilitate continuous
integration &
Maximize predictability &
Ensure continuous
deployment &
Improve business agility
Automate redundant tasks

Right from understanding your current state of technology to setting up the automation to manage your delivery pipeline with 24x7 monitoring and support, we've got you covered. We leverage the leading DevOps tools, cloud infrastructure and end-to-end processes to create value across the entire product lifecycle.

DevOps Tools We Work With

AWS Consulting Partner

As an APN (Amazon Web Services Partner Network) Consulting Partner, KiwiTech has deep expertise on AWS to help businesses with their cloud adoption journey and enable them to design, develop, migrate and manage their applications on AWS.

Featured Case Studies

Featured Case Studies

Helped one of the largest real estate companies in the United States automate end-to-end delivery pipeline on AWS, reduce operational & maintenance costs and improve user experience with our DevOps managed services.

Helped a leading white-label community building platform, which powers 250+ official fan communities in sports, music, digital, film and television, scale its architecture to support over tens of millions of concurrent users.

Helped a forward-thinking managed marketplace for regional travel with 24x7 managed DevOps services to ensure optimum performance and maximum uptime.

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DevOps is a software engineering practice and more of a culture that unifies software development and operational teams for continuous and quick product deliveries.

DevOps practice allows quick and efficient product deliveries with shorter development cycles, high deployment frequency and more dependable releases in line with your business objectives. Basically, integrating DevOps practices provides speed, rapid delivery, reliability, improved collaboration, and security.

The key practices of DevOps are:
1. Configuration Management
2. Continuous Integration
3. Automated Testing
4. Infrastructure as Code
5. Continuous Delivery
6. Continuous Deployment
7. Continuous Monitoring

We provide end-to-end DevOps services, right from DevOps assessment to automation to management.

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