Why Startups Should Consider Outsourcing DevOps


Innovation at this pace requires software development teams to deliver products quickly without compromising on their quality or usefulness. One of the ways startups can regularly achieve that advantage is through DevOps.

You may have some idea about it, but to be on the same page, let’s define DevOps first. DevOps is a set of methods that help businesses offer products and services continuously to shorten the development cycle. In other words, DevOps enables continuous integration into production.

While many startups have a faint idea of how to, they aren’t typically prepared to put DevOps into functioning right away. Hiring DevOps specialists can be yet another added expense and managing such a development pipeline can get tricky quickly. 

Can outsourcing DevOps do the trick for them? Let’s find out what DevOps-as-a-service is and if startups should consider outsourcing DevOps.

Why DevOps is Lucrative for Startups

DevOps circles around Lean development principles and Agile development methodology. While all three complement each other, here are a few quick reasons why DevOps is lucrative for startups from the get-go.

  • DevOps shortens the development cycle and makes it cost and effort-efficient for startups to present an MVP to the market, rope in investors and hit the market with a finished product.
  • DevOps increases deployment frequency and ensures that the code is high-quality and usable.
  • DevOps enables high flexibility when multiple apps, services or components are involved.
  • DevOps lowers the chances of change failure by ensuring changes are stable and quickly integrated into production.
  • DevOps improves metric reporting with automated systems.
  • DevOps, above all, reduces wastage of resources- money, talent and time.

For all those reasons, DevOps is a highly lucrative practice for startups keen on seeing ROI from their offering sooner rather than later with robust development and no compromise on product quality.

Why Startups Should Invest in DevOps-as-a-Service

DevOps as a service brings the DevOps infrastructure into the cloud, enabling cloud migration and access to the delivery pipeline in the cloud for end-to-end management.

Here are powerful reasons why startups should consider outsourcing DevOps.

Access a ready talent pool

DevOps specialists are far from affordable today and they know that. For early stage startups wanting to leverage DevOps within their budgets, hiring a DevOps specialist might not sound like the wisest decision.

DevOps outsourcing providers come with a ready talent pool of DevOps experts that you can tap into for your startup and start gaining DevOps benefits from day one. Cut short the process of talent acquisition and training. Access specialists at affordable rates with DevOps as a service.

Shrink the development cycle 

Outsourced DevOps teams work with sophisticated infrastructure, services and tools to support their many clients and partners. As such, outsourced DevOps persons yield shorter development cycles and efficient collaboration and communication with continuous testing and deployment.

Get DevOps as a service from an experienced team with cross-functional, collaborative talent for faster development.

Improve QA and security

The constant monitoring, testing and automation of QA activities considerably improve the quality of code deployed to the production environment when working with an experienced DevOps team.

Moreover, outsourced DevOps teams prioritize the quality of service and bring in trained engineers who adhere to the latest developments and hold relevant certifications in the arena of QA and security.

Follow best practices

Outsourced DevOps teams also follow industry best practices and bring along sophisticated expertise, having worked with a variety of startups and enterprises to deliver DevOps services with a varied set of approaches. 

Their wealth of experience allows outsourced teams to figure out the right plan of action for you early on- saving time and effort and leading to anticipated results quicker.

Minimize risk and expenses

A remote DevOps as a service provider often takes the financial onus on themselves. You don’t have to hire a team of experts, rent an office, worry about hardware and software expenses or pay taxes. 

You pay for what you get- DevOps services. By outsourcing DevOps to an experienced provider, you can focus on other critical aspects of your business, such as delivering outstanding service to your customers or mapping business growth.

Accelerate time-to-market

For competitive advantage, you need to hit the market with your idea or product faster. With an outsourced DevOps team, you accelerate development and deployment, while saving resources and headspace on all those responsibilities.

DevOps outsourcing enables you to dictate realistic timelines and then trust a proficient team to do their work well for you to meet your goals and timelines. You may also choose to expand or shrink down your DevOps team as per your need.

Get Started with DevOps-as-a-Service

DevOps as a service is a wonderful opportunity for startups to leverage the practice without committing heavy resources. A DevOps service provider will bring expertise to the table and allow you to benefit from DevOps in transforming your practices for better and making your business more robust and efficient.

Find a DevOps as a service provider who can help you identify gaps in efficiency and productivity, lay down a plan to bridge those gaps and deliver the advantages of DevOps for your startup as soon as possible.

KiwiTech’s DevOps service specialists have worked with hundreds of startups over the years in several industries to help them reap the benefits of DevOps methodology and save time, cost and resources. Speak to our DevOps consultants today.

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