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AWS Activate Program for KiwiTech's Startup Partners

As an official AWS Activate Provider, we help our startup partners get a host of free benefits including AWS credits, members-only offers, architecture guidance, and free tools to help build and scale their businesses.

Amazon Webservice

While you continue to build your best startup stories, we save you the time & effort to get you started with AWS Cloud to help you optimize performance, reduce costs, and innovate faster.

From starting to scaling, our tech expertise combined with AWS can become your startup’s wings to success.


AWS Credits & Business Support at Every Step of Your Journey


AWS Credits worth $10,000
valid for 2 years


1 year of AWS Business
Support (up to $1,500)


Free tools for content,
all personalized for you.

Additionally, if your startup has received AWS credits previously from AWS Activate Portfolio, you are eligible to apply again.*
*Eligibility: 1. Your current application is for a greater amount of AWS credits than your previous one.
2. You haven’t received the maximum lifetime value of $100,000 in AWS credits not including AWS Support plan credits.
3. You have a valid Org ID. 4. You still meet the criteria of the Activate Portfolio program.

That’s not it. Check out what’s more in it for you.

Create Custom Experiences Using AWS Templates

With Build on AWS, you can create an infrastructure that is secure, reliable, and tailored to your specific use case in a matter of minutes. The templates and reference architectures included cover a wide range of solutions and have been tested by experts for startups. The template you choose will be ready for production traffic because it is backed by the AWS infrastructure.

Explore Latest Tools & Resources at AWS

AWS is the best place to find content, tools, and resources tailored to your startup profile, interest, and usage. You can get help on a wide range of topics, including getting started on AWS, choosing AWS services, how-to's, optimizing costs, training and events. You will also have a personalized recommendation feed that puts together various resources from AWS experts for your startup.

Get the Most Out of AWS Credits With Cost & Credit Summary

Get real-time insights and analytics into your AWS credits awards and balances. Using the same platform, you can track your projected runway on credits and bills. These insights will help you make more data-backed and informed decisions while optimizing your credit spending. Also, get notifications for credit exhaustion, along with personalized optimization recommendations.

Get Started With Tech Hub

Tracking your AWS environment has never been easier. Get real-time updates on the health of your AWS environment, explore recommended services and even get technical support from AWS experts. The Tech Hub combines the power of AWS Solutions Architects, AWS Cloud Engineers, and AWS Service teams to help design, build, and monitor your AWS environment.

Get Access to Exclusive Offers

Get access to members-only offers from Amazon Business Prime, ZenDesk, Stripe, DataDog, BREX, HubSpot, and Chargebee. These offers range from discounts and free trial periods to startup-friendly perks that are designed to help startups like yours succeed and compete in their target market. Explore these offers in the Activate Console to find and redeem a deal that works for you.

Use on Any Device

You can use the AWS Active Console from anywhere, worldwide, and from any device whether it's a laptop, tablet, or mobile device. The tools and features of the console are made with you in mind to make it effortless to use. It is regularly updated with tools that help startup like yours grow and succeed.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The applying startup should be founded within the last 10 years.
  • The applying startup could be self-funded or funded (up to and including Pre-Seed, Angel, Seed, Debt Finance, and Series A).
  • The applying startup should have an active association with KiwiTech.
  • The startup should have a functioning company website.

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