7 Reasons Why Startups Choose KiwiTech


We know how hard it is for startups to decide on a software development partner. It is a decision that carries many risks. 

Finding the right match is a crucial business decision and many factors startups must consider when searching for the ideal candidate. 

But when they do, here is what happens:

No, we don’t mean a good review or feedback. 

We mean a successful product. A thriving startup. A happy founder.

Canomiks is the first technology company to use genomics and AI-based platform to innovate new formulations and certify the biological efficacy and safety of ingredients and formulations. 

They went live in the summer of 2018. By the end of that year, they had secured significant clients in the medical industry.

They went on to win MN Cup Food, Ag, & Beverage Division in 2021. 

They were recognized as one of the Global Greenhouse Accelerators by PepsiCo and Farm to Fork Accelerator by Techstars.

Leena’s success makes us highly proud, but it also shows us that we have achieved something significant by being part of such a powerful and successful product.

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But Why Startups Choose Us?

Today, most industry-leading startups have a wealth of accelerator options to choose from. Yet, hundreds of them prefer KiwiTech.

We’ll give this credit to our mission.

To drive success through revolutionary ideas.

It means we develop software, help them with marketing, networking and provide access to our global network of mentors and industry experts. 

But there are many reasons why the world’s most dynamic and exciting startups continue to choose KiwiTech, and here are the 7 reasons that stand out. 

1. The ‘Tech-for-Equity’ Model 

KiwiTech believes in promising founders and ideas. Unfortunately, many great projects lack the funding to invest entirely in cash in product development. We like to support projects with potential and offer our software development – in exchange for company equity in the project alongside cash.

2. Best Networking Opportunities 

KiwiTech is the innovation platform that puts people first and emphasizes building solid partnerships. By joining the ecosystem, startups rub shoulders with the entrepreneurial elite. 

Our in-person and virtual events provide an excellent networking platform for our entrepreneurs, investors, and enterprises. We take pride in our inclusive audience and well-rounded selection of events. 

Till date, we have organized 300+ events worldwide (virtual & in-person), bringing together investors, startups, and decision-makers of diverse industries.

We know that the best ideas spring from the pooling of wisdom and experience – therefore, we encourage as much networking as possible. 

We also provide platforms like events and workshops where startups can pitch to our partners. To get an idea of how hard we work, in 2021 alone, we hosted more than 300+ of these events and Demo Days. 

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3. Our Diverse Verticals 

KiwiTech’s industry prowess spans over 20 verticals, with high annual growth. 

What does that mean for startups? 

No matter your industry or background, With our extensive industry experience, we help companies identify their product-market fit and advise them on the strategy to bring it to the market.

We can leverage cross-industry insights to develop innovative solutions for an increasingly demanding digital audience because our work turf spans a broad set of verticals such as Travel & Hospitality, Real Estate, Retail, SportsTech, EdTech, FinTech, and HealthTech.

KiwiTech’s product advisory services help companies navigate these challenges by providing expert insights and recommendations on creating and launching successful MVPs, crowdfunding campaigns, digitally profitable websites, proof of work, and proof of concepts. 

4. Thought Leadership and Top Mentors 

Our 300+ mentors network is one of the reasons why KiwiTech has grown so strong over the last 10+ years. As a result, our startups get the opportunity to connect with the brightest and boldest in the business. 

In addition, the KiwiTech Startup ecosystem is well-equipped with the knowledge and expertise of industry leaders who continue to work with us today. 

5. Startup Program

We provide a strongly-needed support system to startups at every level of their development cycle to help them scale rapidly.  

Together with our partners, we are creating a unique ecosystem designed to develop and implement the technologies of tomorrow. 

We help our portfolio partners gain a solid market lead with a team who will prepare your tech stack and software delivery process for a bright future. We work as a one-stop-shop partner for full product development.

6. Leverage Global Reach 

Joining the KiwiTech platform is the key for many startups to go global. Our international architecture and presence in the US, Canada, MENA, and India give startups the foundation to accelerate scaling to new markets at an unprecedented rate.

7. Meet Industry Peers

Network with peers, learn best practices, and set industry standards annually at over 100+ vertical-focused events. We bring together corporations, VCs, startups, investors, and thought leaders and access the latest trends. 

We know how technology is impacting each industry. We share the latest trends, help you define a roadmap, and ensure that you’re at the forefront of digital transformation.

What Can We Do for You?

KiwiTech offers reliable, scalable, cost-effective software development, crowdfunding, and digital marketing services. Our proficient team provides client-centric and business-centric solutions to meet our client’s business goals.

By leveraging its acute knowledge, deep expertise, impelling abilities, and proficiency in developing software solutions, we have delivered some top-rated applications that helped our clients generate value and revenue. 
If you want to bring a software product idea to reality, you need help in raising capital using equity crowdfunding and digital marketing services. Please share it with us and get your concept implemented the way you want.

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