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A Journey Through the Pages of “Reimagining Global Hospitality”


After more than 15 years in the technology and innovation sector, there have been instances that have redefined our journey as a company. Today, we are thrilled to share one such milestone that’s not just a chapter in our journey but a narrative that extends beyond KiwiTech. We are excited to take you on a journey through the pages of “Reimagining Global Hospitality: Envisaging the AI Hotel of the Future,” a book authored by Alexander Mirza, Sahar Cain and our very own Gurvinder Batra.

A Founder’s Perspective

As a co-founder and CTO of KiwiTech, and with over three decades of experience in the technology space, Gurvinder has played a pivotal role in working with leading enterprises and startups across diverse industries. His expertise lies in helping organizations drive innovation, capitalize on emerging technology trends, and bring cutting-edge products to market. Before his venture into KiwiTech, he served as the CTO and President at Aptara, contributing significantly to its growth.

“Reimagining Global Hospitality” isn’t just a book; it’s an extension of Gurvinder’s visionary leadership and a testament to our collective pursuit of pushing boundaries.

A Brief About the Other Authors

Alexander Mirza

Alexander Mirza brings over 25 years of experience in Fortune 500 corporations and start-ups. After his tenure at Deloitte Consulting, Mirza assumed a leadership role in strategy at Starwood and held senior management positions at Hilton, Ticketmaster, and Caesars. His journey also led him to serve as the CEO of Asia-based Cachet Hotels. Mirza holds degrees from Harvard Business School and Queen’s University at Kingston, where he distinguished himself as an Aga Khan Scholar. Currently, he serves on the advisory board of KiwiTech and the Cornell Center for Innovative Hospitality Labor and Employment Relations (CIHLER) and is the founder and CEO of Mogul Hotels, a tech-led lifestyle hospitality company.

Sahar Cain

Sahar Cain has over 12 years of experience in software development and data science. Holding a master’s degree in Computer Science, with a special focus on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Cain’s groundbreaking research in physics-guided AI models for drug discovery has been featured in prestigious journals and earned funding from the National Institute of Health (NIH). As the CTO at Mogul Hotels, Cain spearheads the creation and execution of innovative technological strategies, setting new industry standards in hospitality tech.

A Blueprint for Tomorrow

The book is more than just a research project; it’s an outlook for the future. It investigates the integration of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies in the hotel industry, providing insights that go beyond theory and concepts. It’s a tangible guide to the AI-powered hotels that will design the luxury stays of the future. The narrative meticulously investigates global business frameworks, revealing their complexities and shedding light on the policy consequences that echo throughout the industry. 

Reimagining Global Hospitality: Innovate, Inspire, and Influence

This book is not just another venture but an embodiment of our ethos: to innovate, inspire, and influence. It’s a reflection of the values that drive us, showcasing how technology, when wielded with purpose, has the power to reshape industries and create positive global impact.

Dive into the book, explore the insights, and envision the future it paints. Let’s celebrate not just the achievements but the collective spirit that propels us toward a future where innovation knows no bounds. This is not just a book but an episode in our shared narrative that underscores our commitment to crafting a future in which technology acts as a catalyst for positive progress, not just in hospitality but in other emerging sectors as well.
Explore the Future of Hospitality with our new book, “Reimagining Global Hospitality: Envisaging the AI Hotel of the Future.Here is the link to buy the book from Amazon.

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