Does Email Marketing Still Have a Place in the Age of Social Media?


If there’s one thing that all successful startups have in common, they all understand the power of email marketing.

If so, email marketing could be just what you need! From personalized messages to automated campaigns, it’s an incredibly versatile way to bring more attention to your business and connect with potential partners. The entire email marketing business was estimated to be worth 7.5 billion US dollars in 2020, and according to the Statista Research Department, that amount would rise to 17.9 billion by 2027. It is anticipated that the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) will be 13.3% throughout that time. Nowadays, more startups are recognizing the importance of leveraging email as part of their overall strategy – and there are plenty of valid reasons why.

Let’s take a closer look at how email marketing can benefit startups

In this blog, we will be exploring how email marketing is the go-to strategy for today’s startups to offshoot their success. 

First things first, let’s understand the basics.

Why Email Marketing Is Important for Startups

Email marketing is an essential tool for startups, as it provides a powerful and cost-effective way to reach new customers and drive sales growth. It also helps startups build credibility and brand recognition with their target audience. Email marketing allows startups to create tailored messages that speak to their potential customer’s interests, needs, and values.

3 Steps to Create an Effective Email Campaign

Choose the Right Platform

The first step in creating an effective email campaign is choosing the right platform. There are many different platforms out there, so it’s important to select one that allows you to customize your message and track your results. You should also make sure that the platform is easy to use and integrates with other services, such as social media and analytics tools.

Craft Your Message

Once you have selected the right platform, it’s time to start crafting your message. Keep it concise and personalize it whenever possible. Make sure that the content is relevant and engaging, as this will help ensure that readers stay interested in what you have to say. Additionally, consider adding visuals or videos to make your message stand out from others.

Test Before You Press the Send Button

Finally, don’t forget about testing! 

Test various versions of your emails using A/B testing before sending them out in order to ensure that they are optimized for maximum impact. This will help you understand which elements of your emails resonate with readers and which ones should be improved upon or discarded altogether. 

3 Tips to Improve Email Marketing for Startups

Personalize Your Emails

Check for yourself; how many emails do you have right now in your inbox, somewhere in the 1000s, right? What makes you open an email in the plethora of emails? 

It’s always nice to add your audience’s name; it guarantees intent, shows effort, and makes them feel special.

Doing this will ensure that customers feel like you’re sending them a message tailored just for them rather than automated messages, which can help build customer loyalty.

Test Different Subject Lines 

Subject lines are just like doors. Would you like to open a door that looks shabby and bland. No, right? 

So make sure to test different subject lines and determine which ones are performing the best for your target customer.

PRO TIP- Regularly track the performance of your email campaigns and adjust your subject line strategy accordingly.

Track Your Results

Metrics are your best friend in determining key results!

Monitor the metrics of your email campaigns, such as open and click rates, to track how well they’re performing. Adjusting your tactics accordingly will help you maximize your success. 

3 Times When Brands Have Leveraged the Power of Email Marketing to Generate Value  

Airbnb boosted their bookings by 300% by using Email Marketing for their Referral Program.

They ran an email campaign to highlight their referral program – a great way to get customers to share their product with friends. The emails included attractive visuals and helpful information about the rewards users could earn by referring people. As a result, their customer referrals increased by up to 30%

Shopify’s Black Friday Sale Emails That Increased Revenue by 170%

Their emails had enticing visuals, language that drove urgency, and information on the specific discounts being offered. And consequently, the revenue from Black Friday saw a hike of 170%.

Image Source

Drift’s conversational email marketing generated an open rate of 75% & response rate of 25% 

From genuine replies from their subscribers, this email campaign stands out as it leaves readers feeling like they are having a conversation directly with someone at Drift rather than some sterile corporate message. Perfectly showing that email marketing isn’t just about sending automated cold emails but about forming relationships that last.

3 Tools Used for Email Marketing for Startups


MailChimp is an email marketing platform that allows you to create, send, and track emails. It has customizable templates, autoresponders, segmentation, automation, and reporting tools.


SendGrid is an email delivery platform that offers a variety of features for sending, receiving, and tracking emails. Features include customizable templates, segmentation and list management tools, analytics, and reporting options.


It’s an all-in-one solution, offering customizable templates, powerful personalization features, AI segmentation options, and A/B testing insights. What sets Ortto apart from many other email marketing solutions is its customer data platform. Through this platform, users can unify their customer data for enhanced personalization in email communications that appeals to each consumer’s needs.

By leveraging the right strategies, tips, and tools, you can successfully use email marketing to grow your startup. With a bit of creativity and planning, you can ensure your emails are engaging and effective. 

Email marketing can be a great way for startups to reach new customers and build relationships with existing ones. With the right strategies in place, startups can craft effective emails that engage their target audience while allowing them to measure their performance over time. With these tips in mind, any startup can create an effective email marketing strategy that will help them grow their business.

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