How to Build a Tech-Based Startup Without Technical Background


A startup is an idea that aims to solve a problem for a specific section of people. Sighting a problem and thriving to look for its solution is not bound by the fact of whether you can provide the technical infrastructure to that idea or not. So whether you are someone from the technical side or not, you can still contribute to your startup as much as anyone else. 

It can help to have technical background for tech-based startups any day, but this is no hard and fast rule to beginning a startup.

In this blog, KiwiTech highlights how a non-tech person can add value to its business without investing years in learning to code.

Deep Dive into the Industry and Users

It is worth noting that technology is developed according to humans instead of the other way around. So before dwelling on any other issue, it is imperative to have a strong sense of user understanding and knowledge about the market. It is something that your team will rely on you for, so you have to understand the industry and its users deeply. 

User experience will determine how to develop the technology to its best use. It will ultimately minimize and ease the task of the developer.

Learning Non-Tech Tools

It always helps to master whatever you can. You can not learn coding in days or weeks, so you can always take up the non-tech side under your wing. Additionally, the knowledge and understanding of various tools for project management, scheduling tasks, communication etc., can come to the rescue.

Learning the Very Basics

It is essential to understand that coding is one of many tasks in a startup. In addition to that, multiple other areas need a startup owner’s attention.

While finding your expertise is essential, a Jack of all trades does not only work fine but is a necessity for a successful startup. Therefore, knowledge about every work in your startup is exceptionally crucial. 

It is imperative to learn about the Software Development Lifecycle, which can guide the team and keeping track of the working basics of the tech side is essential. 

Know Enough to Question

Ultimately you are not the task do-er; it is the developer for the technical side. So you should at least have a good grip on the jargon of the technical side and be comfortable with their respective meanings. 

Google and books should be your best friend; asking questions can be the way out too, but knowledge is essential. It would be best if you were well versed to be in a position to solve an engineer’s problem and brainstorm later on. 

Creating the Basic Infrastructure (MVP)

Even in the early stage, it is good to have a basic landing page so everyone from investors to team members can have some visual representation of your vision. 

Of course, one can also outsource the tech services if there is no other option, but it can be self-created in other cases.

Seek Advice and Inspiration

It is always good to listen to someone who has already been through your stage; you can learn from their mistakes and implement their positive points in the workings of your startups. Reading books and choosing a mentor can help tremendously, even by alleviating the mental pressure once in a while.

From Alibaba to Pinterest, all are tech-based startups that non-tech people own. Learn from them and seek inspiration from them.

Hiring a Tech Consultant or CTO

A tech consultant or CTO can simplify the life of a non-tech startup person like no other. At one time, you would seek the help of such a professional. 

They become the bridge between you and the developers. In addition to this, they are the mastermind behind the application’s architecture and undertake crucial technical decisions which require experience.  

However, this does not suggest that it would take away some of your duties. Before anything else, a startup is a vision-driven organization; it is vital to ensure that every operation should work towards a single goal with a shared vision and that vision should come from a founder. 

If you’re a startup looking for a solution not just to build a technical infrastructure but other services to accelerate your business, you can trust us with it. If you have any queries or want to seek professional guidance, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be glad to help you grow!

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