KiwiTech's unique program for startups includes technology support, investment, go-to-market support and mentoring. We enable entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into cutting-edge products.

We believe in co-building great companies with our startup partners.

Startup Program

KiwiVenture is a differentiated seed-stage venture fund that invests in innovative tech startups. Our primary goal is to align with top-notch entrepreneurial teams.

KiwiVenture has a unique and vibrant deal origination engine and diligence method. We have a deal flow of thousands of start-ups each year, cherry-picking the very best firms, with a demonstrated value proposition and, often, a proven revenue model.


KiwiTech is innovating across industries. We understand challenges specific to your industry and have the right solutions to help you acquire new customers and grow your business.

We recognize that no two businesses are alike, and our enterprise-level engagements reflect this.

Enterprise Solutions

KiwiTech Announces Strategic Partnership with The Moves

July 5, 2017

KiwiTech, LLC, a technology services provider which invests in tech startups, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with The Moves. The Moves is a social media platform...

KiwiTech Enters into a Strategic Partnership with Empower Equity

May 30, 2017

KiwiTech, LLC, a startup accelerator and technology services company, today announced that it has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Empower Equity (EMPEQ), a New York-based...

KiwiTech and Personal Airline Exchange Announce Strategic Partnership

May 18, 2017

KiwiTech, LLC, a startup accelerator and technology services provider, has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Personal Airline Exchange, a data-driven platform that...


1000+ projects delivered

  • Hopscotch - KiwiTech
  • Urban FT - KiwiTech
  • Terra's Kitchen - KiwiTech
  • Accenture - KiwiTech
  • Elsevier - KiwiTech
  • Dannon - KiwiTech
  • Quantified care - KiwiTech
  • Fingerprint - KiwiTech
  • TopFan - KiwiTech
  • Sony Music - KiwiTech
  • Intel - KiwiTech
  • B&G Foods - KiwiTech