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Associate, SalesSupport

  0-3 Years

Job Description


    • Our team has a suite of exciting projects underway and we are looking for the right candidate to help us execute them in the marketing fresher role. With various campaigns and initiatives on the horizon, we’re hiring a skilled marketing coordinator to design and oversee marketing campaigns across platforms to reach company goals and increase brand awareness.
    • Answering prospects' inquiries, scheduling meetings, and sales appointments, and following up with prospects’ about their order status.
    • Compiling a daily list of sales leads, delegating leads to the sales department, and providing sales data and guides to the sales department.
    • Developing and monitoring performance indicators for sales and staff members, managing sales tracking tools, and compiling reports.
    • Recording sales trends and liaising with account managers to develop sales strategies.
    • Creating and processing orders in a timely manner, processing requests for rush orders, and reviewing pending orders and customer requests to ensure customer satisfaction.
    • Managing customer accounts, following up with customers for administrative purposes, and providing troubleshooting assistance for orders, account statuses, and other problems.
    • Performing data entry tasks for sales figures, metrics, and other relevant information and maintaining an organized and accessible filing system.
    • Handling administrative duties for the company and its executives and management teams.
    • Scheduling customer meetings and conferences.
    • Reporting any unusual activity to your supervisors.
    • Work directly with project managers, designers, social media, and content teams to design and implement key marketing campaigns.
    • Perform competitive research to understand what’s happening in the market, and incorporate your findings into each campaign for better results.
    • Facilitate cross-functional communication among project stakeholders.
    • Conduct analysis to determine the effectiveness of each marketing campaign, and report key findings to stakeholders.

Minimum Qualification

    • BA/BS/ MBA (marketing) or equivalent experience.
    • Working knowledge of customer relationship management (CRM) and content management system (CMS) platforms at any level.
    • Demonstrated project management experience at any level.
    • Research and analytical skills at any level.
    • An understanding of digital marketing tools and tactics at any level.

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