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Retail & Ecommerce

As new mobile technologies become more and more accessible, today’s hyper-connected consumers are increasingly demanding instant, on-the-go experiences. The retail landscape is drastically changing. No longer confined to high street, consumer behaviors are evolving, as more shoppers become comfortable with browsing and buying a wide array of products online.

Not only is mobile bringing the store home, it is also revolutionising the brick and mortar retail spaces. Stores now offer engaging digital perks, such as wireless internet in stores, redeemable mobile rewards, and scannable codes. From mobile wallets, to consumer curation apps and brand advice and sharing via social media – mobile innovation and digital communication are connecting customers to retail brands more than ever before.

Retail Industry - KiwiTech This rapidly growing sector presents challenges for future-thinking retailers who want to cater to mobile customers. In order for retailers to successfully leverage the power of mobile technologies, they will need in-depth analytics of their customer base, sophisticated mobile displays that mimic the in-store visual experience, a seamless user interface that provides an exceptional user experience, and a personalised, unique value proposition to edge out competitors.

KiwiTech understands that consumers expect more and better every day. Our team of industry and technology experts harnesses the power of consumer analytics, advanced UI and UX development, brilliant visual retail design, and on-the-pulse understanding of mCommerce engagement practices. KiwiTech’s suite of retail mobile technologies has included:

  • Avant-garde shopping sites
  • Customer medical prescription platforms
  • Luxury retail apps
  • Product catalogue apps
  • Wine consumer curation and shopping platforms
Activity Tracking for Restaurant and Retails Chains - KiwiTech
Activity Tracking for Restaurant and Retails Chains
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Luxury Retail App - KiwiTech
Luxury Retail App
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Wine mRetail - KiwiTech
Wine mRetail
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KiwiTech creates successful mobile platforms for companies ready to lead in the next phase of retail, leveraging state-of-the art mCommerce solutions that:

  • Maintain optimal UI and UX that carries customers seamlessly across omni-channel retail platforms
  • Harness the latest trends in consumer shopping habits, to create next-generation mobile retail platforms
  • Enhance engagement with customers, by creating personalised, tailored shopping experiences through targeted content curation and aggregation
  • Support complete mobile retail development, from business planning, to customer base identification and analytics, through design, creation, testing and deployment
  • Provide full-scale plans for retail tech Startups, including audience targeting, pricing, purchase-to-pay chain, customer relationship management, and service
  • Create unique value strategies for each company, to achieve market differentiation and strengthen brand personality and customer attraction
  • Develop across multiple devices (iOS, Android, tablet)
  • Craft thematic, highly appealing, brand-unique designs to simulate the visual in-store experience
  • Develop powerful brand loyalty models, to markedly increase customer traffic and retention rates
  • Ensure optimal customer experience, with rigorous multi-stage testing and feedback during the entire development process
  • Foster customer-driven content curation, that encourages customers to become brand ambassadors
  • Boost customer interaction, through social media integration, click-and-brick, and other service and continuity, and connected shopping experiences
  • Drive sustainable results, with powerful analytics on customer base demands and expectations
Solutions for Retail Indusrty
  • Scalable customer reach models, from local to global
  • Highly interactive, engaging platforms
  • Enhanced levels of customer engagement
  • Social Business integration
  • Brick and mortar store reinvigoration
  • Mobile incentive apps
  • Seamless purchase-to-pay tools
  • Customer loyalty incentive programs
  • Personalised shopping experiences
  • Customised curation
  • On-the-go, shop-from-anywhere capability
  • Browse and compare platforms
  • Mobile rewards and incentive programs
  • Active & social retail engagement
  • Cross-platform product exposure
  • Enhanced product demand
  • Mass retail opportunities
  • Real-time customer feedback channels
  • Heightened brand awareness
  • Omni-channel brand marketing
  • Highly engaged consumer base
  • Targeted ads, and ad layover opportunities
  • Native app advertising
  • Massive potential for ROI
  • Lower investment than brick and mortar stores
  • Future-looking sustainability models
  • Analytic tools to maintain customer base
  • Myriad advertising and monetization opportunities