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Energy Industry- KiwiTech

Say “energy industry” these days, and it brings to mind myriad energy sources besides the traditional oil and gas hegemons. With new and exciting technologies, today’s energy sectors face the challenge of adapting to a swiftly changing marketplace, mounting competition, rising costs, and ever-increasing regulatory pressure. Future-thinking companies are changing the game by turning to more innovative approaches.

Today, more and more leading-edge energy companies are embracing mobile solutions, with ground-breaking mobile tools providing unparalleled advantages for the energy industry’s diverse business and operational needs. For new and emerging energy companies, challenges such as lack of investment and operational inefficiency are no longer roadblocks. Mobile platforms are opening up unmatched networking and funding opportunities for new companies, not to mention inexpensive project management and development tools. From planning to deployment, today’s mobile tools are opening up doors every step of the way for up-and-coming green energy sectors, and giving them the boost they need to take off and thrive.

Solutions For
Energy Industry
  • Greater community safety
  • More reliable inspection to ensure community livelihoods
  • Real-time community networking
  • Improve environmental and social outcomes
  • Increased transparency
  • 'Always On' communication capabilities
  • Access to real-time monitoring
  • Instant incedent reporting
  • Capacity building opportunities
  • Greatly improved safety outcomes
  • Increased productivity
  • Safer workplaces
  • Opportunities for increased ROI
  • New investment opportunities
  • Real-time investment data monitoring
  • Mobile workforce administration
  • Real-time communication with field workers
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness
  • Mobile GPS, analysis and inspection tools
  • Greater productivity and compliance
  • Reduced risk
  • Improved safety outcomes
Green-Energy Businesses
  • Mobile investement generation channels
  • Business leadership support
  • New capital opportunies
  • Crowd-funding platforms for Green Energies
  • Investment aggregation tools
  • Support tools to meet business objectives
  • Rapid deployment
  • Inexpensive operational management
  • Increased networking opportunities
Oil & Gas Businesses
  • Cost-effective mobile workforce administration
  • Improved data monitoring
  • Real-time communication networks
  • Greater productivity
  • Timely decision-making
  • Improved regulatory complicance
  • Optimize assets
  • Optimize labor and capital
  • Reduce risks in the supply chain
  • Improved safety and environmental outcomes
Energy Infographic - KiwiTech

At the same time, traditional energy companies are finding solutions to age-old problems. The communication and information silos that were once an unavoidable reality of onshore and offshore field work are being nearly eliminated with mobile technology. With a wider broadband than ever before, mobile is allowing energy companies to gain essential, real-time communication from across their operations. No Internet, WiFi or cell service? Now, that’s not a problem. New mobile network solutions such as long-range Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) are providing seamless communication channels. Critical information can be provided instantaneously, which significantly improves safety, accuracy and productivity. Similarly, mobile administration platforms are allowing managers to track issues across the supply chain, and streamline operational processes. Scheduling tools, quality inspection apps, GPS-enabled capabilities and inventory tracking platforms are allowing for real-time data monitoring. Issues can be resolved as they happen, and root-cause analysis can start from the moment an issue arises. In this way, mobile technology is helping companies achieve higher productivity, better operational outcomes, improved safety compliance, equipment reliability, and better environmental outcomes.

Mobile technology is a game changer, providing innovative solutions to many of the challenges faced by today’s emerging and traditional energy companies. However, successful deployment of energy-sector mobile platforms requires special considerations, including multi-industry expertise, strong operational knowledge, rigorous safety and security attention, and high-bandwidth know-how. KiwiTech leverages a multi-pronged approach to energy industry mobile development, providing end-to-end mobile and business development, close collaboration with industry experts, and multi-tested mobile interface engineering.

Our multi-speciality team has developed leading energy-sector mobile applications, such as:

  • Green-energy project development apps
  • Crowd-funding mobile platforms
  • Real-time investment monitoring systems
  • Field work ad hoc mesh communication networks
  • Operational data monitoring networks
  • Long-range Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication networks

KiwiTech develops award-winning mobile applications, with a multi-edged approach that includes:

  • Comprehensive mobile development for energy companies, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), operational needs assessment, supply chain analysis, data mapping, user-friendly interface architecting, security encryption systems, and technical support
  • End-to-end business leadership for green-energy startups, such as streamlined development strategies, effective investment generation channels, and innovative support platforms
  • Next-generation mobile tools, services and support to open up new sources of funding for energy startups, including crowd-funding engines, investment aggregation platforms to enable funding from both individual and accredited investors, and asset management apps that send real-time monitoring data to stakeholders
  • Rapid mobile engineering across platforms (Android, iOS, Tablet)
  • State-of-the-art, enterprise-level mobile designs
  • Intuitive, user-friendly UI and UX, to ensure broad adoption and maximum user efficiency
  • Day-to-day mobile operations support for workers, including HR tools, incident reporting networks, work safety information apps, maintenance and repair guides, and quality inspection data entry tools
  • White label communications and facilities management apps for businesses whose field workers often face communication silos due to lack of connectivity, or extreme weather
  • Remote communication networks, along with cutting-edge data mapping, to ensure up-to-the-minute information
  • Bluetooth low energy (BLE) capabilities, including standalone BLE boosters to extend the range of their transmissions
  • Effective mobile integration of environment, health and safety (EH&S) procedures
  • Powerful security encryption systems to ensure confidence and trust for all stakeholders
  • Scalable platforms built to grow and adapt
  • Seamless technology architecting and powerful back-end support