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October 28, 2021
KiwiTech Announces Strategic Partnership With US-Based Consulting Firm HatchForm
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Walking towards the goal of facilitating global growth opportunities for emerging startups. 

KiwiTech, LLC, a frontrunner in providing 360 degree support to early and growth stage startups across the globe, signed a memorandum of understanding with a US-based Consulting Firm HatchForm that works with economic development organizations, communities, entrepreneur support organizations, and other economic development assets to refine their strategic approach and create impactful, sustainable, and metric driven programs.

“We are excited and highly motivated to start our professional partnership with HatchForm. Sharing the same passion of empowering communities and encouraging disruptive solutions, our strategic liaison will greatly benefit economic/entrepreneur support ecosystems and provide them with a wider range of opportunities on the global spectrum,” said Rakesh Gupta, CEO and Founder, KiwiTech. 

“We look forward to forming a meaningful partnership and sharing our extensive resources of technology and expertise with HatchForm. We are affirmative this collaboration will help them achieve new and greater milestones.” 

“I am thrilled to be working with KiwiTech to help design and launch our strategic planning platform aimed at organizations engaged in economic development, non-profits, and entrepreneur support programs,” said Sean O’Shea, founder of HatchForm. “KiwiTech’s deep technical expertise and connections to resources and capital will accelerate the growth and adoption of our platform. I can not wait to use the technology in our work helping organizations develop strategies and programs that best suit the communities they serve.”

About HatchForm 

HatchForm is a full service consulting firm that offers strategic planning services to organizations engaged in economic development. It works with public and private economic development organizations,  Business Incubators, Accelerators, Innovation Hubs, etc. to develop strategic priorities, build entrepreneurial ecosystems, and promote implementation. HatchForm’s goal is to drive growth, innovation and inclusive prosperity via strategic planning, data analysis and program creation. To know more, visit:

About KiwiTech 

Headquartered in New York, KiwiTech is a growing ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors. The company helps early and growth-stage startups build viable products, drive traction, raise capital, and scale their businesses. KiwiTech is currently home to 2,000+ transatlantic investors and 400+ portfolio companies across 15+ industries undergoing 

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