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Blockchain App Development Services

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Building Secure, Sustainable Ecosystems With Blockchain

Blockchain is changing the face of business as you read this. But where do you start actualizing its potential in your organization?

As a leading blockchain software development company, KiwiTech helps startups and enterprises leverage distributed ledger technologies for innovative, cutting-edge applications today and further evolve the use of blockchain for you well into the future.

Our Blockchain Service Offerings

Blockchain Technology Consultation

We conduct comprehensive maintenance and testing services to ensure optimal performance of your IoT application and its integrations.

Custom Blockchain App Development

We offer tailor-made blockchain development services on platforms such as Hyperledger, Stellar, EOS.

dApps Development and Designing

Get end-to-end decentralized development services for your high-security business needs.

Supply Chain Blockchain Development

Move products to customers in a traceable and transparent supply chain with blockchain services.

Crypto Token Development

Represent asset values or trade tokens as cryptocurrency through digital tokenization.

Blockchain Wallets Development

Hire blockchain developers from KiwiTech to design secure wallets that securely hold cryptocurrencies.

Smart Contracts

Automate that which should be with smart contract solutions, eliminating middlemen.

Blockchain Security

Blockchain-unique security infrastructure services to add a layer of security to your enterprise.

Why KiwiTech's Blockchain
Development Services

Cost-effective Development

Don’t break the bank with a blockchain app. Hire a cost-sensitive blockchain software development company.

Agile Development Process

Stay in the loop throughout the development cycle with the sophisticated Agile development process.

Experience in 15+ Industries

Hire blockchain developers with proficiency in several industries including healthtech, insurtech, edtech, fintech, travel & hospitality, entertainment, retail, and more.

Dependable Experts

Count on a team of blockchain experts who’ve worked with 400+ startups, done and delivered 1500+ complex applications fulfilling the needs of a varied set of markets and business needs.

Round-the-clock Support

If you got a glitch, you got us. Leverage 24*7 support and maintenance services post delivery and deployment.

Quality Assurance and Comprehensive Testing

Reliably manage data and digital identity through carefully and comprehensively tested blockchain applications.

Hire Blockchain Developers

Support your vision for your product & business with a transparent, decentralized technology and experts who can make it work for you.

At KiwiTech, we bring innovation as well as art to all applications, making them accessible, appealing, and functional for their target users.

Applications of Blockchain

Data Management

Securely hold data and digital identity information with blockchain technology.

Ride-sharing Services

Blockchain can facilitate peer-to-peer ridesharing, secure customer identification, payments as well as data security.

Supply Chains

Identify blind spots, accelerate decision-making and improve visibility across supply chains with blockchain.

Digital Identity

Blockchain can lead users to have more control over their digital identity and how it’s used by decentralizing identity management.

Social Networking

Shift the focus of social media from financial gain to user experience and socializing with decentralized social media.

Shipping and Logistics

Streamline shipment tracking, payment processing and global contracts with blockchain technology services.

Copyright & Royalty

Blockchain is reducing anomalies in artists’ payments with a transparent tracking system so that everyone who contributes is fairly compensated.

Finance & Payments

Enable fast, low-cost, secure international payments with encrypted distributed ledgers that eliminate the need for intermediaries and offer real-time verification of transactions.

Education and Learning

Blockchain can easily transform record keeping, student transfers between universities, student payments, and the overall business model in educational institutions.


Prevent corruption, secure citizen’s data, and reduce governing costs with a transparent ledger that allows participating parties to see and verify data, replacing the government in essence.


Leverage blockchain in the legal industry for smart contracts, chain of custody, intellectual property rights, land registry, litigation, and more.


IoT can enable multiple devices on a network to send data to private blockchain networks and create trusted, tamper-resistant records of transactions, enabling peer-to-peer contracts.


Blockchain can improve interoperability, security and privacy of patient records in healthcare, besides improving bookkeeping, shortening admission time and transforming supply chain.


Add new transactions and data to a blockchain in an append-only fashion to create verifiable, accountable permanent transaction records between two or more parties.

Real Estate

Connect buyers and sellers without the need of a broker, and reduce costs and cut down hassles in the real estate industry.


Restore ownership of data, lower costs for retailers, decentralize international trade, restore control of buyer data, and enable borderless payments with blockchain in e-commerce.

The Blockchain Tech Stack We Trust


Learn how we can help you leverage Blockchain!


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At KiwiTech, we are proficient at any and all technologies that need to go into making your product a success. Here are a few technologies we regularly employ: Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Indy, Stellar, and Algorand.

Blockchain app development services come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and needs. So if there was a direct answer to this question, it would be here. That’s why we encourage you to reach out to us with your proposed idea through the contact form above and we will be in touch with you to nail down the budget and timeline of your application.

Wherever there is a need for more trust and transparency, blockchain can be a wonderful prospect to develop an application. Reach out to us using the contact form above to assess whether or not your idea warrants the use of blockchain.

Blockchain promises more transparency, traceability and visibility into data and records. Its decentralized nature disperses power and control and its append-only feature ensures that records can only be accessed and not modified. Therefore, blockchain is a wonderful prospect for applications involving the need for trust and transparency.

The right blockchain software development company will be able to consult you on the possibility of blockchain for your product or business. They will have experience developing real apps in a variety of industries with blockchain and should have a strong portfolio to showcase. Finally, you need to hire blockchain developers who are adept at the skills the job needs.

First, we discuss your idea or solution with you. We identify and suggest a possible course of action to you along with the tools that we will need to employ. Then, we get into the development with a prototype. After getting your go-ahead on the prototype, we get down to developing your application through the Agile development process, keeping you in the loop throughout. Post development, we offer round-the-clock support and maintenance.

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