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Content Writer

  2+ Years

Job Description

    • Developing quality content for press releases, newsletters, email marketing, LinkedIn Marketing. 
    • Creating engaging ad copies for Google Ads, Reddit Ads, and Facebook Ads. 
    • Creating high-quality social media captions for internal SM channels. 
    • Creating long-form content for internal as well as client requirements. 
    • Creating concise, engaging social media copies for clients from diverse industries. 
    • Content creation for landing pages and blogs. 
    • Copywriting for Ad Videos and Promo Videos. 

Minimum Qualification

    • 1-5 years of content & copywriting experience.
    • Excellent copy writing skills. Relevant experience in creative content writing is mandatory.
    • Must have a flair for both spoken and written English with a solution-oriented approach, and an ability to transform collective ideas into creative content.
    • Must be a proactive, self-driven, team player with a proven ability to deliver results within timelines.
    • Should have attention to detail, good organizational and time-management skills.
    • Should have working knowledge of content management systems.
    • Should be proficient in all Microsoft Office applications.
    • Must have a portfolio of published articles.
    • Should have excellent writing and editing skills.
    • Should have the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
    • Should have the ability to handle multiple projects concurrently.
    • Must have effective communication skills.

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