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App development solutions for education industry

Education is no longer confined to the four walls of a classroom. Mobile technology is revolutionizing the education landscape, making learning more accessible, affordable, interactive, and effective.

As the explosion of mobile devices and telecommunications networks continues around the globe, there is huge potential for mobile learning technologies to completely change how, where, and when we learn.

From mobile flipbooks, to on-the-go math games, interactive study guides, animated lessons, assistive apps, classroom interaction mechanisms, soft skills training, and language learning, mobile devices are becoming the go-to education tool for school children, teachers, parents, and working professionals.

  • Soft skills preparation for employees
  • Reference resources
  • Workplace skills development
  • Foster professional learning
  • Equitable education
  • Fostering progress and innovation in the community
  • Workplace skills training
  • Empowering tools for educators
  • Assignments management tools
  • Greater mobility at school
  • Analytic tools to help teachers
  • Connect with students worldwide
  • Contextual learning
  • High-tech tools for educators
  • Cross-Institution collaboration
  • Enhance culture of innovation
  • Higher student achievemnet
  • Student level and class level analytics
  • Blend curriculum and technology
  • Helps schools innovate
  • Open educational resources
  • Blended learning
  • On-the-go study
  • Multimedia learning platform
  • Gamified, enhanced learning applications
  • Real-time feedback
  • Personalized learning
  • Active & social learning benefits
  • Enhanced student engagement
  • Apps to fit varied learning styles
  • Increased student motivation
  • Curative gaming models
  • Homework help
  • Family games
Solutions for Education Industry
Education Infographic - KiwiTech
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Daily News Experience Just for Kids
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Developing a successful mobile learning application requires a comprehensive business, technology, digital, mobile, and education strategy.

KiwiTech provides enterprise-class solutions to help companies and institutions thrive in the mobile education environment. Combining business and operational strategy, with innovative content, latest m-learning technologies, user-centered application development, and social networking know-how, we have produced award-winning mobile learning tools such as:

  • Puzzles, games, fun facts, and many other elements for discovery
  • Interactive study features such as quizzes and timelines, tests with flashcards,
  • Bookmark terms, and add-notes
  • Interactive eBooks, dictionaries and study resources
  • Medical journals with built-in study modules
  • The first turn-based multi-player word game
  • Single- and multi-player educational games
  • Animated lesson platforms
  • Collaborative learning via social media
  • Interactive, rich media learning content

We help our partners create successful education apps, offering solutions such as:

  • Holistic application development leveraged by our team of business developers, digital innovators, and m-learning experts
  • Business, operational and technology leadership support for start-ups, individualized for the unique needs of each company
  • Deep understanding of current best practices in mobile learning, with a pulse on the latest trends in e-tech and m-tech
  • Development of personalized learning frameworks, targeted to specific audience needs
  • Interactive media content such as, touch driven animation, rich video and graphics, audio support for challenging vocabulary, and social media engagement
  • Family-friendly platforms, including family play-together games, child-safe apps, and safe social features
  • Innovative collaboration tools to enable peer-to-peer, teacher-to-student, and researcher-to-student engagement
  • Extensive test-driven development, with faster more flexible UI and UX that work seamlessly across devices
  • Student-centered instruction approach, including support for Flipped Classroom model platforms
  • Integration with Learning Management Software (LMS), and Student Information Systems (SIS)
  • Native architecture models that maximize synchronization with native applications