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Hospitality & Social Media

The advent of mobile has been a massive game changer for the social and hospitality industries. With an explosion in smartphones and tablets, mobile devices are becoming a crucial part of people’s lives, and drastically changing how we communicate, shop, and travel. From staying hyper-connected via social media apps, to opting for mobile trip planning, booking, and support – today’s always-connected users want solutions in their pocket. The number of people accessing social networks on mobile devices is significantly outpacing desktop or laptop logins. Massively popular social networks are becoming even more popular as mobile apps. And myriad new social media apps are gaining fans every day. Portable technologies are also ideal for the fast-paced travel industry, allowing people to find and act on information instantly. We’re now accessing our travel plans via mobile more than ever before, with today’s travellers seeking mobile solutions for every aspect of their travel. From trip research and planning, to booking and check-in, to at-destination assistance – we’re increasingly going mobile.

Not only are mobile technologies changing user habits, users are creating new trends in both the social and travel industries. People are initiating brand awareness unlike ever before – sharing pictures, advice and reviews on-the-move, and increasingly ‘checking in’ to their locations via mobile. With location awareness being the holy grail for marketing, today’s hyper-connectedness has exceedingly positive implications for targeted marketing campaigns. The opportunities for social and travel companies are as limitless as they are enormous. However, gaining an edge in these extremely competitive markets requires a creative and out-of-the-box approach, together with a leading-industry business strategy, superior user interface development, and technically savvy backend architecting.

Solutions For
Hospitality & Social Media Industry
  • Social networking applications
  • Personalized travel itinerary builder
  • Travel planning and booking
  • Social e-book platform
  • Travel forums
  • Social games
  • Networking, blogging, expression and discussion platforms
Travel Agencies
  • Mobile travel planning and booking platforms
  • Travel forums
  • Customer-driven brand exposure
  • Greater travel brand awareness
  • Mobile ticketing, mPay tools
  • Consumer-guided advertising
  • Consumer brand advocacy
  • Brand awareness programs
  • Push Media
  • Opportunities for exceptional ROI
  • Social Media and Travel platforms to meet business objectives
Hospitality Businesses
  • Hotel administration app
  • Employer and employee hotel HR solution
  • Hotel search and booking platforms
  • Greater hospitality brand awarness
  • Community safety app
  • Social media platform to improve community livelihoods
  • Real-time community networking
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KiwiTech’s cutting edge team of thinkers and creators have built award-winning mobile platforms for innovative social media, travel and hospitality companies. Some of these applications have included:

  • Niche social networking platforms
  • Leading mobile community safety apps
  • Family travel forum networks
  • Itinerary planning and booking apps
  • Social e-Book platforms
  • On-the-go hotel administration for employers and employees

We support the entire process end to end, providing industry-leading, cutting-edge mobile social media and travel solutions that include:

  • Full-scale mobile development, from project coordination, to visualisation, content strategy, audience analytics, mobile design, and multi-stage user experience testing
  • Strategic consulting and business development to streamline each company’s unique vision and value proposition
  • Complete business and technology leadership for Startups, from strategy and planning, to design and development, all the way to testing and deployment
  • Crafting of original, cutting-edge mobile designs that set applications apart from the pack
  • Architecting of pixel-perfect, seamless UI and UX to achieve a superior, user-centered look and feel
  • Lead generation innovation, as well as application of newest advances and trends in mSocial and mTravel industries
  • Social features such as viewing and following, a Daily Top 10, voting systems, submit, caption and share, and the ability to make comments and send messages
  • Complete mobile travel tools, including search, reservation, booking, mPay, and mobile ticketing
  • State-of-the-art channels and intelligent data aggregation, that allows users to share and receive information quickly and easily
  • Multi-stage user acceptance testing, to gain customer insights, and ensure highly interactive platforms that drive user engagement
  • Powerful industry and audience analytics
  • Scalable platforms that adapt with growing businesses
  • Expert back-end technology and support