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Government & Nonprofit

With close to five billion cell phones users today connecting more than half the world’s population, mobile is opening up communication avenues never before imagined. Phone and internet access is now available across developed and developing nations, to both the rich and poor, to urban and city dwellers, to young and old.

Through this ubiquitous connectivity, mobile technology holds tremendous potential to foster progress, and will be a key driver for future innovation and change in the public sector. Both government and non-profit agencies are starting to leverage the power of mobile to creatively tackle public, social, health and environmental issues.

Some of the ground-breaking applications being spearheaded today include:

  • Mobile tracking and data gathering systems for infrastructure projects
  • Social channels to reach under-resourced areas
  • Community outreach platforms
  • Inventory management systems, and
  • Health and environmental monitoring applications.

Creating effective mobile campaigns requires a synthesis of creativity and innovation, user-friendly mobile platform creation, strategic fostering of public engagement, and ensuring security of information channels that conform to the needs of public governance bodies and standards organizations.

Solutions for
Government and NGO Indusrty
Researchers & Evaluators
  • Accurate, actionable data
  • Real-time data
  • Inventory mapping and management
  • Information collection from the field
Public Administrators / Government Authorities
  • Government inventory management
  • Mobile project management
  • Powerful data
  • Cost-effective project management solutions
Non-profit organizations
  • Greater program reach
  • Improved program outcomes
  • Mobilize and organize quickly
  • Gather accurate data quickly
  • Mapping, tracking and monitoring systems
  • Greater interaction with citizens
  • Real-time constituency feedback
  • Project monitoring and evaluation tools
  • Reach under-resourced areas
  • Local-relevant solutions
Communities / Citizens
  • Grassroots advocacy platforms
  • Real-time communication with community leaders
  • Access to care and monitoring programs
  • Improved livelihood outcomes
  • Greater program reach
  • More accurate data on program results
  • Greater organizational accountability
  • Improved outcomes
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KiwiTech harnesses expertise from public, technology, and design front runners, to provide a host of solutions that will help public organizations leverage proactive platforms. Our current suite of apps driving change in the public mobile sector include:

  • Real-time citizens services platform
  • Government administration application for the monitoring and management of city department inventories
  • Grassroots data mining systems
  • Real-time constituency feedback channels
  • The World Bank Organizational Resource App

We help organizations advance their social goal, by leveraging state-of-the-art technology solutions, such as:

Government & Nonprofit Inforgaphic - KiwiTech
  • Comprehensive mobile platform development, from end-to-end digital strategy, to beneficiary analytics, state-of-the-art technology, collaboration with standards organizations, and authentication and encryption
  • High-value mobile strategies for government missions and non-profit projects, including innovation, project management systems, real-time communications tools, and social network and grassroots advocacy channels
  • Easy-to-navigate mobile designs and simple UI and UX, for rapid user adoption and engagement
  • Targeted, scalable mobile platforms, tailored to intended beneficiaries
  • Solid inventory management and information mapping processes, to make recording, storing, and retrieving data resources simple and easy
  • Integration of mobile apps with ERP systems, allowing users to get real-time availability and determine accurate positioning of inventory within departments
  • Powerful real-time data collection and accurate assessment models, to provide administrators with actionable insights
  • Balance of current trends driving change, and best practices in m-Governance
  • Implementation of Identity Access Management (IAM) and other data standards federally-required for authentication and encryption
  • Architecture of sophisticated and powerful back-end technology
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