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April 13, 2017
MindShare Class of 2017 Members Announced
Reston, VA

MindShare, an exclusive organization designed for CEOs of the most promising high tech companies in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, announces the members of its 21st MindShare class.

Launched in 1997, MindShare handpicks CEOs every year from the area’s hottest emerging growth companies to come together in a private, intimate setting. Its mission is to help CEOs build long-term, sustainable companies by creating opportunities for growth, building a sense of community, and fostering teamwork in a collegial environment.

This year MindShare received more than 200 nominations and 59 CEOs will enter the Class of 2017. The entrepreneurial community across the board will be well represented in this class, with companies representing industries ranging from cyber security to e-commerce to wearable tech to mobile solutions to enterprise software.

Candidates for MindShare are typically first-time CEOs for companies under $10M, although the expectation is that they won't be there for long. The class will hear from notable speakers, enjoy old-fashioned networking, and discuss critical topics for building a business at the CEO level. More than 1,000 CEOs have graduated from MindShare, creating a deep and valuable alumni network. The MindShare Alumni Network has grown into a powerful voice for the region’s entrepreneurs, and has plans to become an even stronger force in 2017

The 2017 class kicked off on April 4th with a special event at the Verizon Center hosted by Ted Leonsis and the MindShare Board. The 2017 class members are:

Anwar Allen, 

Justin Antonipillai, WireWheel 

Naren Aryal, Mascot Books 

Scott Balwinski, Propane Taxi 

Ed Barrientos, Brazen 

Eric Bednash, Racktop Systems 

Mary Ellen Beliveau, Knowledge to Practice (K2P) 

Scott Berg, Authentag, LLC 

Marla Blow, FS Card Inc. 

Kristian Bouw, Notion Theory 

Pavol Cekan, MultiplexDX Inc. 

Jonathan Chashper, Wolfpack 

Harish Chidambaran, IHealthEngines inc 

Kendall Clark, Stardog Union 

Marie Crump, Datum 

Sunil Dorairajan, 

Veronica Eklund, Orate 

Richard Faulkner, IQ Exchange 

Amit Ganjoo, ANRA Technologies 

Neal Gupta, KiwiTech & KiwiVenture Partners 

Vernon Howard, NextGig (fka Clinchr) 

Justin Howell, Rize 

Param Jaggi, Hatch 

AJ Jaghori, Solebrity 

Hao Jiang, BigSpool 

Brian Johnson, DiivyCloud 

Brian Kathman, Signal Vine 

Aden King, Mplace 

Rachel Koretsky, Upaceapp 

Michael, Madon, Ataata 

Karen McCord, Breezio, Inc 

Mack McKelvey, The Credentialed 

Charles Miller, NexGen Space LLC 

Chip Moldenhauer, LawIQ 

Shawn Olds, Campaign Partners, Inc. 

Tony Orlando, DubLabs 

Jeb Ory, Phone2Action 

Shy Pahlevani, Hungry Marketplace 

Greg Parchment, ValBoost 

Mano Pillai, Nikaza 

Tricia Ratliff, Scaled Markets 

Adam Rogas, NS8 Inc 

Steven Schneider, Logi Analytics 

Neil Shah, Aspire 

Michael Shinn, Atomicorp 

Chris Skelly, Chatlogix 

Rob Sobhani, Sparo 

PV Subramanian, Visybl 

Adam Sutherland, Applications Technology (AppTek) LLC 

Pawel Swiatek, LOKL 

Yedidiah Teitelbaum, Huddle Parenting 

You Mon Tsang, ChurnZero 

Sarah Van Dell, Plum Relish, LLC 

Stacie Whisonant, PYT (Pay Your Tuition) Funds Inc. 

Laurie Wiggins, Sysenex, Inc. 

Brent Wrisley, Avalon Cyber 

Will Yafi, TidWiT 

Shaofeng Yang, Locus Social 

Jeehye Yun, RedShred

MindShare is run by co-chairs Harry Glazer, Creator, Director, Co-Producer, Founder & CEO of SPROCKIT; April Young, Managing Director of Hercules Technology Growth Capital, Inc.; and Gene Riechers, Vice Chairman of EverFi. The Board’s Executive Committee also includes Steve Balistreri, Managing Director of Deloitte & Touche, LLP, and Michael Lincoln, Business Department Chair of Cooley, LLP. MindShare is supported by a board of industry veterans who are committed to building a strong ecosystem for success.

About MindShare
Founded in 1997, MindShare’s mission is to help CEOs from the most promising high tech emerging growth companies in the Greater Washington Metropolitan region build long-term, sustainable companies by providing mentorship, creating business opportunities and a sense of community, and fostering teamwork in a collegial environment. Year after year, the CEOs who graduate from MindShare reaffirm its enduring value through continued business opportunities and lasting friendships.

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