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August 16, 2016
Moiety Plans To Introduce White Label Solutions Of Its Patent-Pending Technology
Superb Crew | August 16, 2016

Moiety App is bringing 'family-tech' into the digital age with the development of a simple, free and modern solution to the complications associated with arranging co-parenting schedules. Moiety's initial release is planned for this September, yet it already has a very significant following on social media through relevant blogs, development updates and campaigns. Moiety has strategic plans to develop a digital ecosystem for both co-parents and traditional families. Initial phases are already funded.

Below is our interview with Gregory Wagner, Founder and CEO of Moiety:

Q: Gregory, what is 'Moiety' and why did you choose that name for your app?

A: Moiety is actually a word in the English dictionary:

moi·e·ty /ˈmoiətē/ noun: each of two parts into which a thing is or can be divided.

When researching a proper name for the company, I stumbled across this word, which is described as 'one of the most beautiful words in the English language'. Moiety, Inc.'s theme is about helping co-parents and parents being able to do their 'part' and commit to doing the best for their 'share' of the parenting responsibilities, no matter what the family dynamic is. Hence, we got hooked on the 'Moiety' definition, theme, and subsequent brand pretty quickly.

I know the name 'Moiety' doesn't immediately resonate with users as a co-parenting or scheduling solution, but it does fit our ideals perfectly. Through our brand, perhaps people learn to use this beautiful word again in their daily lives, which over time, has lost its importance in our language. What's in a name anyway? I know of a hugely successful computer software company that's named after a common fruit.

Q: In the very competitive mobile app productivity market, how does Moiety differentiate itself?

A: When we look at digital products that cater to more of complicated family dynamics, such as divorce, separated or blended families – we don't find all that many modern players. There are a handful of somewhat expensive legacy products and other unstructured, bi-furcated platforms available, but I certainly would say this market is neither saturated nor highly sophisticated. I read social media posts every day from individuals who are explicitly longing for a simpler, more affordable solution to what's out there today. There certainly isn't any 'Uber-type' of innovation offered in this market, yet.

The Moiety solution is a big differentiator in that our initial application is going to be global, 100% mobile, and 100% free. We know that 83% of our followers are using mobile solutions to connect with us. We also know that families who are either divorced or separated have less free time and even less money to spend on expensive co-parenting platforms. We expect Moiety to largely alleviate these challenges for them.

Q: So, how are you helping to move the 'family-tech' industry forward with its creation of Moiety App?

A: It's no secret that 53% of all U.S. marriages end in divorce. That statistic goes as high as 70% in other countries. While estimates vary, the wallet for the divorce 'industry' is at least twice as big as the marriage industry. Yet, relatively very little sophisticated technology has been dedicated to the support and assistance for families with these complicated dynamics such as co-parents living in different homes.

As blended families continue to become more prevalent in not only the United States – but for the rest of the world, the demand for highly innovative and adaptable digital solutions to support these evolving family structures will logically rise accordingly. Moiety is one of the first movers in committing to a completely digital ecosystem for most family structures. Hence, we do consider ourselves visionaries in the now coined phrase – 'family-tech' space.

Q: How many people are following Moiety's progress?

A: Moiety has about 120,000 fans across 44 countries across various social media channels and our web site. We know we are onto something when we have that many followers and we haven't even launched our first release yet.

Our audience is excited about Moiety's intentions to fill a deep need that is missing in the co-parent schedule space. It's easy for our followers to relate to our message that espouses the benefits of a simple, affordable scheduling and expense solution that works for all types of family dynamics. We have been getting amazing feedback from all over the world, which is helping drive our app's future evolution already.

Q: What family types would benefit from Moiety App's capabilities?

A: We made it clear to our followers, family mediators and family law professionals that Moiety's patent pending technology is intended to be useful for and inclusive of ALL family types. Our goal is for Moiety to follow families throughout all stages of life, not just for a portion of their existence.

The way Moiety allows users to share only the parts of their calendar to they people that they want them to see creates unlimited possibilities. For example, a traditional family with two busy teenagers will find Moiety's shared scheduling tool very useful. A grandparent with several grandkids to 'kid sit' across a number of siblings, would find Moiety's unique 'Crew' settings very helpful. Of course, a co-parent trying to arrange a visitation schedule without the clutter and emotional distractions of e-mails, phone calls and texts, will find Moiety to be critically essential.

Q: Does Moiety have investors, and dedicated technology support?

A: From a technology perspective, we have a 2-year exclusive development partnership with KiwiTech, a software development and investment company with deep knowledge and experience in mobile app front end and back end deployment and support. We will work closely with Kiwi to evolve our app quickly from MVP to a full digital ecosystem for co-parents and essentially, all family types who would benefit from a holistic family-tech solution.

It is worth noting that KiwiTech is also a strategic investor in Moiety, Inc. This puts us in a uniquely beneficial relationship as both the business (Moiety, Inc.) and the developer (Kiwi) have significant 'skin in the game'. We are both very invested and hence, highly motivated to ensure the success of Moiety's development, launch and future evolution.

Q: You have spent much of your career on Wall Street, where fin-tech is going through a revolution right now. Why build a 'family-tech', co-parenting app?

A: Moiety was borne out of a very real and very personal need of my own. Over the last 2 years, I spoke to hundreds of people and professionals about the problems they face with co-parenting. The need for an affordable tool to reduce the volume of e-mails, texts and phone calls to arrange even a single child visitation was a consistent theme. Our plan was quickly validated – we didn't need to pivot one bit from our original vision. It was a calling that I simply could not ignore.

I believe the reason why the family-tech space has been largely under-served is mainly because of the emotional fortitude needed to connect with an audience and develop digital solutions for it. Yes, I spent 22 years of my career on Wall Street and I do touch on the fin-tech space, but my heart and soul is with Moiety. I believe almost anyone can create a fin-tech type 'disruptive' product; but it takes special people to have the vision, strength, desire, persistence and commitment to invest in a solution for families in potentially difficult / complicated dynamics. I am 'all-in' with Moiety: financially, emotionally and strategically.

Q: What can we expect from Moiety in the future?

A: We plan on launching our IOS MVP in the Apple Store this September. From there, we will quickly release our Android version in Google Play. The next step will be to launch the future builds that include a number of additional features such expense management, private chat, and other unique features. Our next strategic phase will focus on the release of white label solutions for family lawyers, mediators and the family judicial system, which will include digital tracking of co-parenting schedules, secure reporting and other customizable features. Watch this space.

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