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April 25, 2023
Kempten Schwab Leads an Entrepreneur Workshop With KiwiTech
Toronto & London & Los Angeles

STS Managing Director Kempten Schwab spoke about strategic exits at a workshop for KiwiTech's Start 808 Series

Kempten Schwab, Managing Director of STS Capital Partners, led an interactive workshop with KiwiTech on April 18, 2023. The virtual workshop was a part of KiwiTech's Startup 808 Series, a group of virtual workshop events designed to help entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of launching and growing a business to the next level. For each event, KiwiTech selects experienced mentors who have successfully navigated the startup journey to share their expertise.

Schwab spoke on the topic 'Positioning Your Business for a Global Strategic Exit' and discussed the unique insights he learned throughout his career and in his role at STS Capital Partners. Schwab explained that every startup will exit at one point and why it is important for founders to think about how their startup will eventually fit inside another business.

Schwab shared advice and answered questions on valuation, determining the DNA of a business, the integrated acquisitions thesis, and other areas of focus every entrepreneur should consider so they can prepare their business for an exit.

"KiwiTech provided me with a special opportunity to be a resource for budding entrepreneurs. I congratulate everyone in attendance for embarking on the exciting journey of business ownership, and I hope all of them can grow their companies to the point of success that other businesses are attracted to the value they offer," Schwab said.

Schwab is an experienced global strategist and advisor who has a deep understanding of the components involved in any business transaction. With a background in both the private and government sectors, Schwab has overseen corporate financing and the strategic sales of prestigious business entities. At STS Capital Partners, Schwab applies his unique knowledge to help guide entrepreneurial business owners on the journey to achieving an Extraordinary Exit.

KiwiTech is a leading ecosystem that provides IT services, business support, networking, and educational opportunities tailored to startups. Its Startup 808 Series includes sessions on topics including product, marketing, crowdfunding, business strategy, bootstrapping, and IP. To learn more about upcoming workshops, visit the Kiwitech website. You may also view the workshop recording, here.

About STS:

STS Capital Partners is a global sell-side M&A firm like no other. We are expert guides for private, founder, and entrepreneurial business owners on the journey to achieving an Extraordinary Exitâ„¢. Our extensive global relationships, world-class team, and proven deal process bring international strategic buyers and investors to the table who deliver maximum financial value. As a result, we help clients fulfill bigger ambitions in life and leave lasting legacies by inspiring charitable donations through our Success to Significanceâ„¢ program with a goal of raising billions of dollars in new philanthropic and impact capital to support charities.


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