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Kiddie Commute Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Safe and Reliable Rideshare Service for Kids

San Diego, CA - August 8, 2019

Kiddie Commute, a cost-effective transportation company for children located in the greater San Diego area, turns to a crowdfunding platform Kickstarter for support.

Founded by Shan Cureton, a mother of three, Kiddie Commute is the only black woman-owned transportation company in the state. It is also the only comprehensive service that serves the needs of parents and caregivers, offering safety and reliability.

Launched in 2017, Kiddie Commute was created purely out of need. "I am a busy working mother. At the time, I worked and went to school full time. My youngest son was in Kindergarten, I had another son in middle school, and a daughter in high school. It was challenging picking up my youngest son from class in the middle of the day when I had to work or be in class." Cureton says she didn’t have family available to help her with school pick-ups. "Adding to that stress, my oldest two were taking Lyft. I was a nervous wreck as I watched the ticker on the app pick up my most precious assets and drop them off at home. I couldn’t focus because let’s face it, they were strangers. I had no peace of mind and assurance that the driver was safe."

Cureton did some research online and discovered that it was illegal for Lyft to transport minors alone. "Some drivers would anyway, and some would cancel the ride when they found out it was a child they were picking up. I searched online for a company that could solve my problem, there wasn’t a local one, and that’s when the light bulb went on. Kiddie Commute was born."

Being a woman of color, Shan was ready to take on the challenges of creating and launching the company. Any hardships or frustrations that would come were worth it. "With the business and entrepreneurship being dominated by males, it’s sometimes challenging for your voice to be heard. When you can get a word in edgewise you are seen as domineering or too boisterous. This is very disheartening as running a tech company requires a tenacious leader that’s not afraid to step out on the balcony. But we are grateful to have found KiwiTech as our innovation partner. KiwiTech empowers female and minority entrepreneurs through their inclusive startup ecosystem. We’ve learned a great deal and gained a lot of exposure through their popular demo days."

To date, Kiddie Commute has gained clientele in 37 out of San Diego’s 89 zip codes, completing over 10K rides. They are the 13th company to become a Transportation Network Company in the state of California, and the 6th to have been given the endorsement to transport children. The exponential demand for their services has contributed to significant opportunities for the business, with a myriad more pending. Cureton added, "We are seeking funding to expand on our concept to more regions and to become the go-to solution for parents, extracurricular service providers, government entities, and school districts across the nation. We believe our solution interrupts the way we think about school transportation."

So that they can continue to grow and provide safe and reliable transport to children across the nation, they are in need of a little support from the community.

To pledge your support, visit their Kickstarter campaign to donate today.

To learn more about investment opportunities available, visit or contact Shan at