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September 15, 2020
KiwiTech Announces Strategic Partnership with Academy, Emmy Award-winning Team at DropKey, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

Aimed at changing the way content creators shoot live and recorded HD videos on their supercomputing television camera phones with the inflatable Pop-up DropKey® Studio in a Bag® and the award-winning DropKey® camera app.

KiwiTech, LLC, a tech accelerator that helps early to growth-stage companies scale quickly, today entered into a strategic partnership agreement with DropKey, Inc., a Silicon Beach startup that offers the DropKey app and Pop-up Studio in a Bag, a portable, inflatable "green screen" Chroma key background kit with pro audio and bright lights. To date, DropKey has raised a seed round of $1.1M and is currently raising a pre Series A round of $1M to launch DropKey and, a store for curated video clips used as searchable location shots in live Chroma key processing on smartphones.

"We are thrilled to partner with the amazing Academy and Emmy Award-winning team at DropKey to revolutionize the way the world shoots live HD green-screen background replacement videos on smart devices," said Rakesh Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO of KiwiTech. "Drawing on our deep expertise in established and emerging technologies, we look forward to helping DropKey further their mission to create their platform and ecosystem for shooting live Chroma key in any location...all from their own Hollywood Pop-up Studio."

"At DropKey, we solved a difficult physics problem in light using artificial intelligence to make perfect live background replacement with no rotoscoping or post-production," said Rockwell Scharer, Founder and CEO of DropKey. "We enable amateurs and pros to have their own Hollywood Movie Studio in their second bedroom for just a few hundred bucks."


"Our DropKey camera app and Pop-up Studio in a Bag is the only turnkey solution on the market that comes with an entire "ecosystem", which includes®, our eCommerce store for curated video clips used as loop-able location shots, not just fun backgrounds. Our TAM is a percentage of 2.1 billion daily active users of the Facebook Live App that want to "level up" their content creation using DropKey’s patented, proprietary technology with SAAS Media Asset Management in the cloud. Consumers and small businesses can use our subscription model to choose marketing templates that include teleprompter and text to make commercials using any HD location they want. Shooting all day in locations they find on is something amateurs never could have imagined — all from their own home. It’s a revolution in content creation."

"Every startup has its challenges and we couldn't be more excited about our strategic partnership with KiwiTech to help us meet ours."

About DropKey

The DropKey® Pop-up Studio in a Bag® is a portable, inflatable green-screen with bright lights, pro audio and HD background replacement. The DropKey camera app pairs via Wi-Fi with the world’s first "Pop-up Studio In A Bag" using artificial intelligence to obtain a perfect key with no post-production. The company’s mission is to Consumerize, de-mystify and make cheaper an incredibly difficult, time-consuming process that all professional content creators use every day to make super high-quality content. This major disruption in content creation will create huge opportunities for amateur media producers to compete with networks using our tools on their iPhones. For more information, see

About KiwiTech

Over the last decade, KiwiTech has led innovation across multiple verticals scaling businesses in the tech space. KiwiTech intimately understands the challenges faced by new founders, aspiring unicorns and established leaders and works closely with them to realize their passion and purpose. Through its extensive relationships and expertise, KiwiTech brings a perspective that helps strategically connect technology creators with technology consumers. KiwiTech is an ecosystem of proactive investors and advisors who are passionate about building technology, supporting entrepreneurship, and helping companies realize their maximum potential.

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