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February 22, 2023
KiwiTech Announces Strategic Partnership With Boston-based Wellness & Fitness Startup FitNest
New York, NY

FitNest is disrupting the fitness industry by helping web2 fitness brands embrace the web3 world via Blockchain/NFT technology.

KiwiTech, LLC, a startup ecosystem that helps early to growth-stage startups with technology services, fundraising and go-to-market support, entered into a strategic partnership with FitNest, a Boston-based fitness company that leverages the power of web3 to bring revolutionary changes in the wellness and fitness industry.

"KiwiTech is thrilled to begin its strategic partnership with FitNest," says Rakesh Gupta, Founder and CEO of KiwiTech. "This first-of-its-kind fitness brand is transforming the wellness industry for all of us. It is not just shifting the industry to an online model but leveraging blockchain technology to enhance its accessibility and effectiveness. And with a resilient leader and athlete like Nestor, we are confident that FitNest's unique offering and our technical expertise will accelerate efficiencies in the industry," he added.

FitNest is the first-ever fitness platform to integrate blockchain technology into its model. From the basics of workouts to the advanced workout sessions, it is using blockchain to disrupt this industry with efficiency and scalability.

"KiwiTech is the perfect strategic partner for us," says Nestor A. Limas, Founder and President, FitNest. "With our passionate team and KiwiTech's tech expertise, commitment to innovation, and strong networking panel, we are confident that this partnership will only fasten the process of expanding our mission to reach more people," he added.

About KiwiTech
KiwiTech is a growing ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors. The company helps early and growth-stage startups build viable products, drive traction, raise capital, and scale their businesses. KiwiTech is home to 500+ portfolio companies across 15+ industries undergoing disruption and takes pride in its 600+ strong team with extensive experience in emerging and existing technologies.

About FitNest
FitNest desires to be The Nike of Web3 while helping bridge Web2 over to Web3. Being one of the first fitness brands to succeed in Web3 truly, it promises access to so much real-life utility starting day 1. On top of that, once they roll out the gym NFT marketplace, one can also rent out NFTs as gym day passes to earn off the properties rented to locals.

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