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January 24, 2024
KiwiTech Announces Strategic Partnership with E-spaces
New York, NY

Aimed at revolutionizing learning and teaching experiences.

New York, NY – KiwiTech, a global leader in technology innovation, is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with E-spaces, an innovative digital learning platform revolutionizing educational resources for teachers and students. 

Rakesh Gupta, Founder and CEO of KiwiTech, stated, “We are excited to partner with E-spaces, a company that aligns perfectly with our vision of harnessing technology for meaningful impact. E-spaces' groundbreaking platform is set to redefine educational experiences, making it an ideal match for KiwiTech. Together, we are dedicated to enhancing teaching and learning processes through technological excellence.”

Yvonne Buluma Samba, Founder and CEO of E-spaces, commented, “Our partnership with KiwiTech marks a significant milestone for E-spaces. KiwiTech’s expertise and support will enable us to expand our reach and continue to innovate. We are excited to collaborate with a team that shares our passion for education and technology, and we are confident that this partnership will be instrumental in achieving our mission of reducing teacher workload and improving student outcomes.”

This collaboration symbolizes a significant leap forward in educational innovation, combining KiwiTech's broad expertise in technology with E-spaces' revolutionary approach to education. 

About KiwiTech

KiwiTech is the innovation partner of choice for startups, enterprises and government authorities worldwide. The company combines its strength in established and emerging technologies with its specialized skills across 20+ industries to help its clients unlock new opportunities, drive growth and secure a sustainable competitive edge.

About E-spaces

E-spaces is an innovative digital learning platform designed to reduce teachers' workload by providing engaging, curriculum-tailored educational resources. For more information, visit:

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