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April 08, 2021
KiwiTech Announces Strategic Partnership With OTP Group's Innovation Hub OTP LAB
Budapest, Hungary

Aimed to accelerate the growth of emerging startups by supporting them on their digital transformation journey

KiwiTech, LLC, a global ecosystem that helps startups build viable products, drive traction, and raise capital, announced a strategic partnership with OTP LAB, OTP Group’s innovation hub dedicated to developing banking products and services of the future.

As part of this partnership, KiwiTech will work in tandem with OTP LAB to accelerate the growth of emerging startups by supporting them on their digital transformation journey. KiwiTech will also support OTP Group and its vision by introducing startups for the OTP Startup Partner Program being administered by OTP LAB and providing mentorship to OTP’s cohort and alumni teams from members of KiwiTech’s global network of experts and thought leaders.

"We're privileged and proud to join an elite list of partners working with OTP LAB. Their mission to transform the future of the industry with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurs is a passion that we share and is the core of all that we do at KiwiTech," said Mohsin Syed, EVP and Chief Startup Officer of KiwiTech. "We look forward to sharing our extensive tech and entrepreneurial expertise with OTP LAB’s startups to help them create viable products that shape a better future."

"We welcome KiwiTech's entry into the European innovation ecosystem, as their comprehensive approach to startup acceleration and their outstanding partner network will surely open up remarkable opportunities for the entrepreneurs of the Old Continent. We are honored to be one of their first European partners, and we believe that our hands-on approach to corporate-startup collaborations will be a perfect match for their commitment to strengthen meaningful transatlantic partnerships," said Zsanett Andresin, Startup Program Manager at OTP LAB.


OTP Group is the largest financial supplier in Hungary, and a key player on the banking market in the CEE region. OTP LAB is OTP Group’s innovation hub, where expert colleagues, startups, businesses based on innovative technology and educational institutions are working together on developing the banking products and services of the future. OTP LAB runs OTP Startup Partner Program, OTP Group’s international partnership program seeking later-stage startups with validated products and scaleups from all over the world, with the chance to build goal-oriented, business-focused, and mutually beneficial partnerships with the banking group. For further information, visit

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