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KiwiTech Announces Strategic Partnership with ParkZen

New York, NY - January 24, 2018

KiwiTech, LLC, a technology services provider that invests in tech startups, has announced a strategic partnership with ParkZen. ParkZen provides street parking solutions through a smartphone application. As part of this alliance, KiwiTech will provide exclusive technology development capabilities to ParkZen. 

"ParkZen is trying to solve one of the most pressing problems in urban areas – street parking. So we are really excited to work with them," said Rakesh Gupta, CEO of KiwiTech. "Together, KiwiTech and ParkZen can positively impact millions of lives within a few years," he added.

"At ParkZen, we utilize our proprietary algorithm to analyze user data - without user interaction – to detect and share recently vacated street parking spots. In addition, we provide full parking data analytics bringing value to commercial enterprises like mall operators, sports venues, and airports" said Manos Chatzopoulos, CEO of ParkZen. "ParkZen differs from all other parking apps, as we do not aim at private parking lots or paid garages and we do not require any user interaction or vehicle syncing to determine parking activity."

"We're pleased to join forces with Rakesh and his team. Their deep expertise in the technology space will go a long way toward helping us further our mission – that is to make locating curbside parking in urban densely populated centers easy and fast for everyone." 

About ParkZen
ParkZen aims to revolutionize the $100 billion parking industry by helping individuals save time and money on curb-side parking and lot parking. Furthermore, ParkZen provides retail businesses, sports venues and airports with profound parking data analytics. ParkZen's proprietary smartphone sensor data analysis algorithm determines recently vacated parking spots in real-time and is the only technology in the market that does not require user-input or vehicle syncing.

About KiwiTech 
KiwiTech provides end-to-end digital technology solutions across a wide range of industries, including publishing, healthcare, media & entertainment, education, financial services, energy and nonprofit & government. KiwiTech has quickly gained recognition as an innovator by investing in numerous early-stage startups and partnering with large enterprises. Drawing on its deep expertise across mobile and web technologies, KiwiTech enables companies to create groundbreaking digital experiences. KiwiTech is based in Washington DC, with additional offices in New York and New Delhi.