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February 02, 2023
KiwiTech Announces Strategic Partnership With US-based Cybersecurity Solutions Provider, Network Fort
New York, NY

Network Fort is a leading cybersecurity solutions provider headquartered in Reston that offers Cyber Security Solution focusing on behavioral-based Machine Learning Threat Identification with proprietary machine learning algorithms across endpoints of an enterprise.

KiwiTech, a leading technology services company and startup ecosystem headquartered in New York, announced a strategic partnership with Network Fort cybersecurity solutions today. Under the terms of the partnership agreement, KiwiTech will help Network Fort with its technology product and provide access to its vast network of investors and partners.

"KiwiTech is excited to partner with Network Fort, which is changing cybersecurity to cater to traditional and most advanced cyber threats evolving in the cyber environment. We are confident that our partnership will foster technology and product innovation in the cybersecurity domain, with Network Fort leading the charge," said Rakesh Gupta, CEO and Founder of KiwiTech.

Founded in 2022, Network Fort delivers advanced cybersecurity solutions to organizations of all sizes. The company provides a platform that helps organizations identify, assess, and remediate cyber risks across their entire attack surface via artificial intelligence.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with KiwiTech, which shares our commitment to helping organizations via leveraging existing and emerging technology," said Wajid Hassan, CEO of Network Fort. "KiwiTech's expertise in product development and their vast ecosystem will be invaluable as we continue to scale our business and drive innovation in cybersecurity."

About KiwiTech
KiwiTech is a growing ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors. The company helps early, and growth-stage startups build viable products, drive traction, raise capital, and scale their businesses. KiwiTech is home to 500+ portfolio companies across 15+ industries undergoing disruption and takes pride in its 600+ strong team with extensive experience in emerging and existing technologies.

About Network Fort
NetworkFort, founded in 2022, is a cyber security solution provider that evolves to cater to traditional and most advanced cyber threats evolving in the cyber environment (cloud, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, data center ) in real-time to deliver effective defense mechanisms to organizations of all sizes. It deploys AI algorithms and machine learning techniques to provide the greatest level of visibility with increased insight into the entire cyber security system. It offers advanced security via its automated response for threat prevention and mitigation. It alone performs tasks of identifying and responding to threats in real-time, thus, relieving pressure off its users' shoulders.

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