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November 23, 2022
KiwiTech Announces Strategic Partnership With Wellness Startup Chi Universe
New York, NY

KiwiTech partners with Chi Universe, a California-based wellness startup leading the charge for physical & mental wellness for everybody.

KiwiTech, LLC, a startup ecosystem that helps early to growth-stage startups with technology, fundraising, and go-to-market support, entered into a strategic partnership with Chi Universe, a California-based healthtech startup bringing wellness into homes for kids and families. Under this partnership, KiwiTech will support the startup with its engineering resources to scale its FitTech game upgrade.

"KiwiTech is thrilled to join hands with Chi Universe. In the past few years, the focus has shifted to the wellness and health industry to seek an active lifestyle. Chi Universe is cementing an idea of wellness by keeping the fun element closely intact to avoid monotony and attracting people to join this great initiative even more," says Rakesh Gupta, Founder, and CEO of KiwiTech.

"As a strategic partner, KiwiTech hopes to further the mission of the founder and creator, Bobbi Hamilton, to create a space for global wellness through play by leveraging its technical expertise to build the FitTech game upgrade of the company," he added.

Chi Universe is a one-stop place for everything yoga. The interaction of mind, body, and spirit through yoga led the founder and creator, Bobbi Hamilton, a celebrity yoga teacher, to design wellness products that work for a global audience and can keep up with a fast-paced lifestyle. She has brought this wave of wellness to infuse the general public with the life-force energy that flows through all of us.

The company is committed to driving Hamilton's passion for making fitness fun through its interactive products and intriguing yoga courses. It aims to make the sustainable lifestyle a household name by introducing and celebrating these wellness products as gift bundles.

It currently enjoys a presence on e-commerce platforms like Maisonette and will soon be accessible to the SakesFifthAvenue and UncommonGood users. Some of their revolutionary products, like the patented Chi Mat & Game App and the Chi Universe Yoga Program, have been featured in many well-known campaigns, including Michelle Obama's Let's Move! LA campaign, and the United Nations for HerStory, to name a few.

"We are delighted to have KiwiTech as a strategic partner for our wellness journey. They say passion is the secret ingredient to every success story, and ours is no different. The potential of yoga is unparalleled but creating a way to seep into the fast-paced life is what sets us apart,” says Bobbi.

“So far, we have succeeded in making it possible and are delighted to have KiwiTech join us on this journey. We are confident their technical expertise, fused with our yogic energy, will help us expand in Gaming and FitTech by 2023”, she added.

About KiwiTech

KiwiTech is a growing ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors. The company helps early, and growth-stage startups build viable products, drive traction, raise capital, and scale their businesses. KiwiTech is home to 500+ portfolio companies across 15+ industries undergoing disruption and takes pride in its 600+ strong team with extensive experience in emerging and existing technologies.

About Chi Universe

The Chi Universe is a healthtech startup and developer of patented interactive toy product Chi Mat & Game App. The mat and program are teaching tools to help align the body, prevent injury, learn independently, and assist teachers, therapists, and parents in easily implementing yoga and exercise into classrooms, PE, afterschool, gyms, studios, and homes. Chi Universe aims to drive the life-force energy that flows through all people and to create greater physical, mental, and emotional wellness for kids and families.

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